Do the bombers ‘spark joy’?

TBH I am more disillusioned and frustrated by the congested, defensive, scrum-like nature of AFL nowadays. The AFL game style is utter ■■■■■ now. Then there’s the club’s inconsistent and underwhelming performances on top of that. And like Swoodley above, something died within me during and in the years following the saga. The game is no longer the same for me.


As I’ve said many times. If the the supporters didn’t love their clubs so much, the AFL would be in serious trouble as an organisation.


Blitz certainly helps following the Bombers. It certainly is one reason I can stomach the roller coaster of the EFC. I don’t follow the AFL and when Essendon is done for the year I am too so it will be an early finish this year and so be it.


So many factors these days in the way I feel about Essendon. The game itself is not great as a spectacle these days. Totally ugly and frustrating.
This season made worse because of covid19.
The saga ripped my soul apart and when things started to turn around and we got out of it, the promise of better days was loud and clear. Only it hasn’t improved. Despite great trades and drafts we are still average.
No finals win again appears likely. No players considered as All Australians. No players dominating any stats leader boards.
Now we’re in the midst of a coaching change over, which despite all the positive feedback we’ve heard, appears to be unraveling with the all this hub rubbish we’ve had to endure. I’m sure this would never have happened if we knew we’d be kicked out of our own state to try to perform. Think of the interstate teams loving being at their home base, while we and others work out of a hotel!
Only strong established teams like Richmond etc will succeed in the current environment.
I don’t watch games on tv now. Umpires have killed my joy. The players aren’t helping my anxiety over results either.
We all know any lead we have is temporary.
When was our last big win with a big margin? When did we last crush a side and play 4 quarters? I can’t remember.
I’m tired of being let down every year.


the thing is, this is far, farrrrr easier said than done. it’s actually really hard

i get @andrewb i really do.


Yeah they spark joy. The best time of many a week is getting to step out of my own trials and tribulations and live through their up and downs. Win lose or draw doesn’t wholly matter, I’d be missing that spark of hope if I never tuned in.
It’s gotta hurt or you’re not invested in it. But you’ve gotta stay level headed and optimistic. Let the bad feelings flow out post-game, but build your week focusing on the plusses and get excited for the next one.



The two hours a week where nothing else exists.

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■■■■ no. But the point your trying to make is lost on me.

Love JD can’t wait to see him pull on the jumper.

It would be a bit easier to do if we were able to leave the house, go to movies, out and about, hang out with friends etc

No need to convince you. Find something else to enjoy.

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My passion for the bombers began in 1989, as a 12 year old. It has continued unabated since.

Yes, it’s more enjoyable when we are winning more often, but there’s so much more to enjoy than simply winning.
Enjoy seeing the team develop.

Enjoy the sublime skills and bravery of these athletes and footballers - from all teams.

Enjoy the youngster who shines though.

Enjoy catching up with mates at the game.

Enjoy the exhilarating performances whenever they surface.

Enjoy my now 3 year old boy sing the club song.

Enjoy engaging with the different views on Blitz on how we can improve, who may debut and who may be passed it.

Yes, be annoyed at times, be frustrated. Be angry even. It’s all part and parcel of following a team, and …I must say, funnily enough part of the enjoyment.


Great post, mate!


Oi just get ■■■■■■

Wait until everyone realises that we are peaking atm.

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I couldn’t care less about footy this year. Whole thing is a joke.

Essington reminds you on a daily basis that there are more important things in life.

Be happy.


Thanks for sharing @andrewb, really interesting post.
I do find this like 2016 in many ways. But worse.
For me it’s important to balance footy with other good things in my life. But being more or less locked up in Victoria, those other things - catch ups with friends, movies, travel - are not possible.

More than ever we Victorians need the Dons to give us something to smile about and to look forward to but, largely, it hasn’t happened.


There were many bad losses in those days and on reflection they seemed to have escaped a lot of scrutiny that the club and players are subjected to now.
The typical exposure in those days kicked off with League teams late Thursday night, or reading the teams on Friday morning in The Sun News Pictorial.
All games were played on Saturday arvo 2.10 to 4.40 and if you couldn’t get to Windy Hill to see the boys get thrashed you got the scores off 3KZ during your own game.
After the game it was all about working out Saturday night with your mates or g/f without mobile phones. The drive in.
Sometimes the old man would flick on Footy Inquest with Mike Williamson.
Sunday was footy free (except for the VFA game) and you got out and did something. Work on the HQ.
The loss was done and dusted until the next week unless you caught a bit of club corner or the panel on WOS.
These days, if you’re not onto it, footy can be rammed down your throat.
That’s the AFL plan, get the consumer consumed.


I tell myself quite a bit that I’m not as invested in the club as I used to be.

The saga had me real down on the club and the league. Not the players. Didn’t know what I was supporting.

Then we have a win like against GWS last year and I’m jumping up and down hugging and high fiving strangers…

Or we have a disappointing loss and I’m up at 1am on Blitz engaging in random discussions about the game and the list.

Who am I kidding?

The highs are still there

The lows aren’t quite as low as saga years but I feel them.


There will come a time when this club returns to its former glory, and when it does relief and joy will wash over this club like dawn after a long, dark night…

But, right now, through this period, the club is in a dog fight, it’s in the trenches and it’s battling trying to find its way out of the rut in which it has descended in to over the past 20 years. The soul of this club has been beaten, misguided, cheated and consistently dusted with bad luck to further rub salt in to its wounds, the future feels bleak and long, but the road behind us seems rougher and longer…

Needless to say, despair is in the air.

I have followed this club for roughly 30 years, in all my time i have seen this club travel through its impossible highs and endures its darkest lows. In the past 10, i’ve slowly watched it fall further and further out of the skies and sink in to a pit where it has steadily struggled to find a way out. There have been seminal moments in each year and every year the supporters rally, they arrive in force and bring optimism, fight and determination to will this club forward and drag it out of whatever adversity it faces. But, for all the time poured in to standing by the club the supporters have seen little success for the efforts they have put in, they are losing faith and the light in their eyes have finally begun to fade.

The ship is sinking, it’s been sinking for a long time, it only now feels like the efforts to save it have been in vain.

If there is any perspective that can renew hope, i would like to think that it is the one i am about to share. Like in life, we will all face adverse periods of time that will stretch far beyond what we believe we are capable of handling. For those who are lucky enough to have never had to knock on wood, i envy the silk sheets in which you have slept. Facing difficulty is never easy, it can build you up with hope and just as easily break you down with doubt. But, for those who endure the darkness, continue on and forge a path out of those times, it builds character. When the chips are down, this is when strength of character comes to the forefront, this is when the spirit of champions emerge and challenge those around them to continue forward.

This club right now needs its supporters to dig in and stand by it, arguably more than the saga era, the end of these times will come, do not abandon your post and risk turning in to the pea hearted supporter base of CarltonFC.

Do not lose faith Bomber fans, it all may feel like for nothing but i promise you this club is fighting tooth and nail to get out of this mess, and it will.

In the words of Dylan Thomas

"Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."