Docklands Seating

Haven’t been to Marvel Stadium since it was Telstra Dome it maybe Jiihad, can’t remember. Anyway, bringing my boy over for the Sydney game. Wouldn’t mind getting us a couple of good seats. Good, not great (in this economy?). What would blitz recommend?

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Literally anywhere. Comes down to whether you like behind the goals or the wing. Even the last row of the top deck at marvel is quite decent

top deck at etihad is like 2nd level @ mcg.

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Level 3 is a good view. Most likely your cheapest option.

Level 2 is the most expensive

Best atmosphere is level 1. If your boy wants to sit behind the goals go for aisles 46,47,48, or 1,2,3- all those aisles are right near the Essendon end where the Essendon fans sit. Price is ok on level 1

Aisles 21-27 will be full of swans flogs

diggers’ loser mates.

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I’m on night shift so if there’s only 2 of you, you’re welcome to have mine. Level 2, roughly 1 of the 50m lines.

Aisle 30.