Does JACKETS have more jackets? Pick11. Expect the unexpected

Thinking maybe he has something else up his jacket sleeve…Except the unexpected…
Trade week hasn’t even started…
Me think he had something special to come.

Now, now don’t get greedy.

Today has been unexpected in my book.


I have always felt there is more,
Just a feeling.

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Any more than S,S&S will require either players or 2018 picks.

The 3 S’s will be enough for now

While many are talking about Stringer as a foregone conclusion, I would just like him to confirm that he wants to get to us. Make no mistake, he is the biggest of the fish, and journalists have been wrong on this stuff before.

Other than that, no need to be greedy.

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I dont think he can get all 3. Smith is the priority. Will need everything he has to get this done.

Geez is 3 players not enough? I’d say we get those 3 this year will be massive. Then if we had 4 late picks in the draft could get c. parish, miles, boyse and hind with late picks after 50. Pretty much only 1 18 year old picked up this year, next year back to normal and can maybe pick up a few more picks with trading out a few guys that are fringe best 22 in 2018.

what if it could be 4 s’s ??


Honestly, if Rory Sloane was now to nominate us, I’d have to put a couple of my employees on suicide watch.

I’m only half kidding.

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If we trade out 11, 28, 46 for SSS, it’s a damn good result.

The only way I see this being beaten is to keep 11. For this we need to trade out 2018 2nd + players.

Assume we don’t touch Francis, Laverde & Langford. The youngsters like Mutch don’t have any real value yet. You are looking at Browne, Ambrose, Colyer, Myers, Leuey, Hartley. Any of those could give us a pick upgrade from 46 to 2nd round.

So trade out a player, 28, 46, 2018 2nd. Keep 11 & 2018 first.

Will be a positive thing for the club to turn fringe players into draft currency.

You should get that checked by your Dr.

l like the first assumption, and l would not be interested in trading out, Langers, Lavers or Frangers. Of the other players mentioned, the club won’t trade Ambrose, nor should they. The arrival of Saad may help his mate from Coburg, Hartley remain as well.

We’d need to give up something of value if we wanted to keep pick 11. I too rate most of those players, but they play positions we have depth in, so we could cover their loss. Would we give up Ambrose to keep pick 11? Probably, because with Hartley, Brown, Hooker, Hurley and Francis, we would still field a strong team.

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hang on folks, it aint over yet, one I have heard is very interesting, and cheap


What do you reckon Wayne?

Would need to be cheap, as surely with SSS the cap will be approaching its limits.

Please tell me it’s an actual mid!

Word is the new salary cap ceiling hasn’t been factored in yet, so we should have ample sufficient $$$s

Ok - I will bite…so who?

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