Don Air - New Club Podcast

Will be every two weeks. Adam Cooney hosting, 2 player guests each show. First cab off the rank Zaka and Raz


Gee if they don’t have someone minding Cooney then things could get pretty loose.

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Likes hanging around the club Cooney doesn’t he.

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Did anyone ask that at the AGM?

had shisha issues to deal with.


Woosha said no hard tags.

The boys may have misinterpreted.


whys audioboom so ■■■■? ever heard of audio controls fuckwits @telstra?

Con Air -> Don Air

Face/Off -> Fark Carlton/Off

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Is it worth a listen?

Yeah it’s not bad… needs tightening up a fair bit but some interesting tidbits


I really enjoyed it. Some really fun banter.

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Anyone having trouble with our content in Apple Podcasts? I’ve been subscribed for years, now recently the logo has changed to a “B” with a soundwave and the content is just a few random things from 4 or 5 years ago. On the webpage for Don Air it just leads me to the same thing for the Apple link.

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Same here

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Yep same for me… I listened from the link but couldn’t access via the podcast app.

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I got it through donair audioboom site using RSS feed, opened in my news app

Ok thanks. I ended up listening to it through Darli’s link to the website. Hopefully they fix the official podcast soon, cos up till last week there were plenty of radio interviews coming through.

I enjoyed it

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Can’t find it on iTunes :frowning:

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I thought it was hilarious with some interesting insights. And I say no to ‘tightening’ it up…it’s the looseness of the recording that i found refreshing to listen to.