Dons v Tigers - pre match discussion

Made this because the team thread appears to have disappeared, and the changes thread is locked?

Anyway, looking at the teams, I notice that the Rich side has the following names in it: Short, Menadue, Castanga, Lambert, McIntosh, Bolton, Elton, Grimes.

Someone remind me why we aren’t overwhelming favorites again?

Dons by 75


Sorry that was a typo, I meant to say Dons by 175


Glad you did. I was in the process of helping out @Captain_Jack for ticket/s and the thread went to god before I could reply.

Rang M/ship CJ, they were surprised Gen Ad had been exhausted, but if you’re a member w/ H&A access you can rock straight in, o/wise, it has to be a seat at this point. Or, you can buy a 6 game m/ship today, & they’ll email you a barcode to scan in on the night.

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All of which are capable of joining the playing the game of their life against Essendon club.


No, you made this because YOU ARE EXCITED


Worried about this game and probably for the same reasons SMJ is excited. Richmond are not very good but they have the habit of making other teams play justvas crap football as them. If we get our game going we’ll win by 10 goals but we desperately need to start well and play our brand.


Kinda like we’ve done in the last 3 games…loving our starts! Just gotta make sure we keep it up

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I was serious when I said I might actually be arrested for rubbing one out in pubic if we ■■■■ them in the last min. I won’t be able to contain it.

I’m actually torn over what I’d want more, breaking their hearts in a close one or handing them a soul destroying 10-15 goal loss.

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You can’t underate the Tigers. They could be 8-1 if not for 60 seconds of poor play.

They are doing a lot right including getting 10+ more inside 50/game than us.

That said on paper we look to have them covered as we run deeper through midfield, have better kpp’s and far more dangerous small fwds.


Mark McGough


@scotty21 i think your 30 years of ■■■■ banner has more chance than a rubbing one out banner. But i would put it out there


I have a bet with a Port Adelaide supporter who, after too many Judas juices, swore if bombers finish above Port he will poop in his hands & clap.

Ignore their bye, if we win then we catapult ourselves above them and he breaks a real sweat.

I’m no animal but god damn that club desrves to get something back at them in some form and I will enforce it.


Mids have to get to work. If we can do that, we should have the options in attack to capitalise. Belly needs to match Nank The Tank in the ruck, and Jobe, Heppell, Zach, Zaka, Parish, Goddard, etc have to be doing it both ways. Winning the footy, but also applying defensive pressure. That’s why I was so happy with Jobe’s game the past 2 weeks, his tackle numbers are up. My tip? Dons by 20 and the Razzle Dazzle man with another 4 goals.

Complete devastation or utter joy.


Joe to kick 12.1, all from set shots. The one miss was from 15m in front.


After the debacle against FCFC and Melbourne i do not go into games expressing any confidence.


This isn a Richmond Home game. So which end does our cheer squad and GS have for this game?

I need a ticket for GS end… hope there some on gate… cya all @ the ROYAL.


Dean Polo.


Where is the Royal? l would like to meet up with a few Blitzers prior, if l can make it in time.

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