Donscast interview with 100 game Bomber Peter Daniel

Our first podcast of the year has a special interview with Peter Daniel who played 100 games with the Bombers from 1968-1974.
He still loves the Bombers to this day and he provided some great recollections from his days as a Bomber and he has some strong thoughts what the current Bombers should do to get to the next level.

Nick and I hope you enjoy.


Looking forward to it, he is another chapter in our history, that many here want to downplay. Daniel was a great high mark in his day, one of the best of the era.


i am struggling to remember him, does anybody know what number he was?

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Paging @ kfc

Does he have a beard?

Because I don’t trust people with two first names, and I don’t trust people with beards.

He wore number 28 after Alec Eppis asked him to take his number.
In his first season he wore 45.

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I’ve been waiting for a long time to post my favourite Essendon footy card!Peter Daniel


thanks heaps guys. Terrific to hear your thoughts pre season… and what a fantastic interview with Peter Daniel. What a great character … you covered a lot of very interesting topics. Well done!


Thanks for the feedback.
We always appreciate it RedSashOnBlack.
Peter was a fantastic person to interview.
Loved his stories of years gone by.

Is he the father of Zoe Daniel, the former ABC Washington corresponndent?


He played during one of the club’s real down periods, but he was a good solid player.

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