Download BTV videos

Hoping someone can help me with this.
There are a number of videos on the clubs site that I’ve tried to download but they are embedded.
Tried all sorts of ways to download them but can’t find a way.
Have any of you found a solution and if so, would you mind explaining how.
Thank you in advance.

Very difficult. A while ago all things AFL went to the f4f format.

Best bet is to go to the BTV Youtube page, & hope they are up there too, they usually are, but sometimes take a few days after going up on the EFC site. It’s simples from there (youtube)

Cheers BD.
wanted to grab the Stanton story but doubt they’ll put that one on their YouTube channel.

Go get a copy of video surgeon. That will download most videos, from most sites.

Thank you.
I’ll give it a try.