Dr Who


Was that automatically generated on this post or did discourse PM you?

Very cheeky for discourse to dis you like that! Perhaps that's how it got it's name.

I disagree with discourse, nothing wrong with an expert or a fanatic, as long as I agree with them.


So far behind...


The message popped-up while I while posting. Like every time I create a VFL game thread it has a sook: der, yes, I am deliberately using a consistent thread title format.


I only define an expert as someone who does agree with me. Fanatics often don't and they've got a screw loose.


13th doctor!


The SJW's have won


Waaaah waaaah waaah.

I think it's a shame Olivia Colman didn't get it... just for the inside joke from The Five(ish) Doctors.


I remember when Joanna Lumley played the Doctor after Rowan Atkinson's doctor snuffed it, that was great! It was in a BBC christmas comedy special thing iirc.


Yes, The Curse of Fatal Death was great in that it got all the fan/media favourites out of the way all at once: Rowan Atkinson, Richard E. Grant, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant, and then Joanna Lumley.


I knew there were a few in between, but couldn't recall them. That show was so much fun I'm happy to think of it as canon, even if no one else does. So second female Doctor for me.


There must be a few Australian right wing politicians concerned that this will lead to domesticated animals playing the role next.


This is a nice change but will be interesting.


The writers tested the waters of gender switching with the regenerations of the Master and also the General of Gallefrey. Both seemed to be positively accepted by fans.


They were at each other's throats in the early series of Broadchurch though.


Yeah, and a lesbian character. It should be fine, they just need to balance it the other way. i'm looking forward to it.