DRC Lunch - launch of the "King Reynolds" book

Had a terrific afternoon with my dad at the ■■■■ Reynolds Club lunch today. It was the launch for "King Reynolds", a new book all about the great man.


Timmy :wub:  was the MC as usual.


The first guests he invited up on stage were the author, Dan Eddy, plus Joel and Linc Reynolds, and Hugh Mitchell (it was supposed to be John Birt, but unfortunately he was taken ill and unable to make it.)


Second panel was Noel Allanson, who played from 1947-1951, Jack Jones (1946-1954), Harold Lambert (1942-1950) and Ted Leehane (1940-41, 1946-51).  Tim remarked that Jack Jones had a certain amount of Benjamin Button about him - he just keeps looking younger!


The third panel was three Brownlow medallists - Bob Skilton, Peter Bedford and Gavin Wanganeen.


Everyone had a great time recalling stories about ■■■■ and their time at the club. Linc caused a few laughs recalling the day he took one of  ■■■■'s Brownlow Medals to a sports day at school - he went off to run a race, and gave the medal to one of his mates to look after.  Getting back into the car later, his dad asked where the medal was, and Linc shrugged and said "someone's got it!". Dan spoke of another story where someone visited ■■■■ and asked where the medals were and apparently they were in a biscuit tin on top of a cupboard!


There were a couple of auctions - a limited edition ■■■■ Reynolds print, and a fridge with a picture of Jobe on the front and his signature.  The auctioneer then asked Timmy to sign it as well.  Tis lucky I don't have a permanent residence or I probably would have paid $600 for a fridge I didn't need :P


Tim also briefly talked about Neale Daniher, and it sounds like the ■■■■ Reynolds Club will be organising a function at some stage next year to help raise funds.  As soon as I hear anything about it, I'll let people know.


Like I said, was a lovely afternoon, and I'm proud to have in my possession a copy of the book, signed by Joel, Gavin, Jack, Bob and Timmy.  Father's Day is coming up, so I totally recommend people consider the book as a present for their dads - even if they don't support Essendon, it would still be very interesting reading.

Great to catch up with Slowstu again too!

I think I might a book for mysel....I mean my dad  :rolleyes:


Good to hear about a function being planned for Rowdy. This club is great :)

I went yesterday as wel and had the great pleasure of sitting with Wanga, Skilts and Barry Young. Tim, as usual delivered the goods. If you are ever looking to get someone a birthday present but not sure what to get, buy them a ticket to one of these events, you can go on your own and have a great time with like minded Essendon people.


On the way out, I stumbled across Little, Rodski, Campbell and Craig solving the world problems in a front bar meeting.