Dreamtime at the 'G' match thread

Tippa? Raz?

sliding in? not this time?

Absolute peahearts. That’s what happens when you get ahead yourself and pick a side full of plodders. Needs to be atleast 6 changes next week

If he played like that in the back half all night we would have been looking even worse. He had a very bad night and that has nothing to do with coaching.


2 reasons we lost this game

  1. It rained
  2. Blitz was confident

Stewart just had to have a shot… go back and miss then choke them like they did to us for the last 3 minutes…

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Over-reaction much?

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Can’t blame the umps been okay this game

was pure and utter ■■■■ cake effort on our half, scored their winning margin off terrible hand ball turn overs.

Wulla very quiet

I am sorry… but ■■■■ you Essendon Football Club

All this talk of guts and moving forward

Richmond weren’t good

We were ■■■■

There’s been a hint of arrogance from our players tonight. Haven’t worked hard to get into position, haven’t taken the game on, have brought the same intensity as the opposition.

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Incredibly poor disposal & waaaaaaay too many passengers.
Are Richmond becoming our bogey team ?

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Whats he supposed to do? Hooker has spilled at least 3 uncontested marks at least 2 directly created richmond goals

Tonight has been one of the worst displays of football i have witnessed

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We let them waltz out of our forward 50 too easily tonight. No forward pressure all.

I wasn’t, been saying all week we would lose. We have played out of skins for a couple of weeks against some quality sides and this team just isn’t there yet and are going to have down games. I expected this week to be it.

their tackles stuck ours were ■■■■ efforts that let them get the ball out easy every time

Stewart back to 2’s

Doesn’t do enough

Lost last 6 against Richmond, we are the joke club.

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