Dreamtime game tix

Well that’s an issue then…

Even though Tugger fans have all crawled back into the woodwork it’s a marquee game only second to ANZAC Day for which neutrals want to get too. I literally know of stacks of people who try to get to these two games each year from Adelaide despite not supporting either club. It’s a massive event so no surprise it’s fully ticketed


Yeah just surprised it’s sold out as they only got 78k last year and 70k the year before.

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I notice there is 1 eBay Seller who has a few tickets in Q22 Row K.

They are expensive-ish though.
The Seller has 100% Feedback Rating.

That’s what I like about Tixel.
The maximum premium a Seller can place on their tickets is 10% above cost.

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Ticketek marketplace has tickets sometiems

5 tickets popped up for the Carlton game. Just keep checking for dreamtime.


“Sold out” and 75k will turn up


There are still tickets to the Carlton Game from what I can see, top level Ponsford.

if the games sold out, they might do ‘restricted viewing’ seats a few days before the match, usually very cheap, and your view is you might not see 5% of ground

More tickets have just been released via Ticketek

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Tiger army will be the size of a platoon by time we play


It is sold out. Only hope is week leading up to game they release a few Tigers member resale seats, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Update: Interestingly, two bays in the AFL members have been opened up for public sale for Dreamtime. And they’ve previously sold two bays of MCC seating too. It should be close to 80k, assuming some Tiger seat holders won’t show.

And decent seats in the Warne Stand as of today.

Restricted view seats were released early last week and lasted a day. I don’t think they’ve released standing room as of yet, and may not.

Official line: “There’s not a spare ticket in town.”

Match attendance: 83,561

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To all still looking. join the waitlist on Tixel. its a great and secure site. ive used it alot.

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Public tickets on sale via Ticketek. A few released today.




Jayden Davey 14 disposals 3 goals

I would debut him for Dreamtime how good would it be seeing both Daveys playing together at Dreamtime