Dreamtime Match Thread vs the TIGER ARMY


Hello my friends!!! WHO’S READY FOR DREAMTIME??!? Hahhaha :slight_smile: Full house, Saturday night, what a game!!

I have a very good feeling about this one :slight_smile:

What a wonderful way to celebrate our Indigenous culture, and players. This is what footy is about!

I’m so excited I can’t sit still Hahaha. I’ll see you all in here after the big win!



Kept the lions to two goals in the first half last week. Tigers not nearly so potent.
If we bring the same intensity, perhaps we can be in a stronger position at half time.
Who does McGrath go to? Would you push him up the ground to mind Bolton all night?

You devil!

I don’t think we’ve ever won a game when you post in the gameday thread like this. Just saying…


Dons by 74.


You make me want to puke


We won’t anyway so just get experience into young players

A world record again against us about to happen, you know it


We should change our mascot to a carrot because we are far from a bomber plane

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That won’t be happening this game for obvious reasons

Yes I need another lid off tablet @ivan

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Lost confidence?

Since when do we still have one?

In all seriousness (despite my often glass half empty approach), it’s either going to be tonight or the next time we play Richmond that this ridiculous losing sequence is going to end. It’s embarrassing and glad to see the media and wider football public making a big deal out of it.

They had a wonderful era (:nauseated_face:) and milked everything they could out of it. It’s either this year or next year that the teams cross paths as they go in different ladder directions.

I think IF 3 or 4 of those key injuries were playing tonight, we win. It’s just going to be a lot more difficult without them.

They lost (convincingly) at home to the Gold Coast only a couple of weeks ago. And a Sydney team missing 8 or 9 of their best players. Come on.

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Our team of nice guys don’t have the bad ass in them to come out firing

Oh @carrotsalad you have Don it again!
Every time you post in one of these we win.

I have a feeling you and @Kozza will be right tonight.

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Rutten will just be smirking like always

@Anabelle it’s like you’ve just finally realised this year that we are sh¡t. And you’re not coping too well with this epiphany :sweat_smile:

He also posted last week.

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No it’s this year they gave me a rise in spirit 4-1 after 5 rounds which we haven’t seen in a long while.

Then slam!! In my face on Anzac Day.

Not getting over that game


Yeah fair enough. That one hurt.