Dreamtime Match Thread vs the TIGER ARMY

We all know what will happen tonight:

  • We won’t hit a fkn target by hand or foot.
  • Richmond will be kicking lasers all night, and they will pull off ridiculous behind the head handballs that end up in the arms of teammates.
  • Dusty will forget that he has declined and play like it’s 2017 again.
  • Riewoldt will kick 5 goals, with all 5 being from free kicks for his pathetic flops.
  • When they are 40 points up and toying with us, the ■■■■■■■■ commentators will begin reminding us of how superstar Trent Cotchin has a Brownlow medal (which doesn’t ■■■■■■■ belong to him).

Please please please Sir Essington, can you please allow us to beat these ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■ for once? I’m sick of the ■■■■■■■ TIGER ARMY and their disgusting club. They can ■■■■ off and join Hawthorn and ■■■■ Carlton in the bin.


I had tears at 3 qtr time thinking we are gonna do it

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If they have any pride the boys will hit the Tigers the minute the ball is bounced but they dont

When was the last we bullied a team with physicallty where we as fans sit back and go go “wow” becuase i cant think of any


Yep same here as far as im concerned the pies ended our season/momentum ■■■■■■■ bastards

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No they don’t have pride, guts or spirit.

Team of nice guys like our culture at the club for 20 years. No mongrel in them at all.

This is why we lose games and are so vanilla and pathetic when we play.

Teams come out to play us know we are soft and belt us around, we hate the contest ( look at our contested marks ) and still don’t know how to farking tackle a player and make it stick because again team of nice guys.

So I want to just get games into the kids, if we win tonight will be a fluke nothing more so the experience in getting games into youth is key for me


Simpler than that. We’re not at the same level on our journey as Richmond and Collingwood, both of whom have generally been stronger sides, bigger bodied, more experienced and played more games together. That’s all.


I long for the day where I actually look forward to a game of footy again.


Yup I felt that first 5 rounds this year.

Now nothing


We’ll win a final before we beat these ■■■■■■. rich by at least 7 goals.



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Anabelle and James98 have been broken.
Completely cooked.

You guys will be eating each other alive all week long.



Mass and Snelling pulled out of the VFL.

One will be the sub. The other will be emergency or coming in for a late change

The last game I attended was against the filth, last year. I’m going tonight, just for the giggles

Oh Hep, why would you purchase a small latte ?

Its going to be a mighty struggle for 3 quarters but eventually the moment we finally evacuate the MCG of richmonds inbred fans will finally occur:


I’m sitting here 5 hours from the bounce with butterflies in my tummy and a looming dread about losing our lead deep into the 4th when Bolton kicks goal of the year…

But also, I’m pretty excited.

Excited for the big crowd, the occasion and the celebration of the indigenous side of footy.

I’m excited that Essendon is fully embracing it’s culture as a club enriched by it’s indigenous players and History. We’re starting to feel like ourselves again I reckon.


Last post was April 25th.

I always have pessimistic dread before a game.

Then it’s the first bounce and the scores are 0-0 and I believe we can win all of a sudden.

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