Drug Mules

Air ticket purchased by an unknown third party for a last minute brief trip to Colombia with no travel plans, then buy a heap of goods from someone you don’t know.

What could possibly go wrong?

20 years for the crime AND another 30 years should be added on for stupidity.


Why are you so skeptical?

Everyone knows that Columbia is the place to buy headphones. Very cheap, pure headphones.


The music makes you feel like you’re king of the world…apparently.


Headphone capital of the world. You can literally breathe in the beats.

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You need to add she owed tens of thousands of dollars for her failed business and she was caught because of a tip off from th US DEA because she showed signs of classic mule behaviour. I highly doubt she’s a victim.

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Victim of her own stupidity. Difficult to have any sympathy when it involves drugs on the street. Darwin therory in practice (without the death…yet).

This made me read up on the Schapelle Corby case. What are people’s thoughts on that one?

Smuggling drugs out of these countries is dumb enough but smuggling them in … Smh

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There is just too many unexplainable things about the whole story

  • flight being purchased last minute by another party. Going to bogota via London from aus.

  • claiming was business trip and yet nothing along lines of being a PT or other linking with that

  • stayed in ■■■■■■ $40/night hotel and never left except for translator guy coming to see her and out to street occasionally

Feel for the girl but this had to be all of her own choosing. Even if you are in debt there are other ways to find your way out over something so risky like this.

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At 1st I wondered why would anyone smuggle dope into a country where its offered on every street corner in broad daylight (I had no idea about hydro or any other variant). Then I wondered how such an obvious stash made it through customs at Brisbane then Sydney airports. Added to that the investigation into baggage handlers made me believe the case, at the very least, deserved to be formally investigated locally. Then it became a bit of a political football with Indonesia keen to show it was in control & they made an example of her IMHO. As more of the case came out it looked more & more like she was guilty or possibly covering for her brother (his boogie board wasn’t it?) &/or sister but still the amount of time she served does seem excessive. In general I have little to no sympathy for drug smugglers or for that matter people who deliberately flaunt the laws of any country they are in. I just personally would have liked a bit less politics & a bit more transparency in the whole case.


She wasn’t smuggling drugs into Columbia, she was taking them out via London & HK, then on to Sydney. This was after USA DEA tipped off local police about her, going into the country and they waited for her.

Way to sus, along with other things mentioned while in the country, could easily believe corruption in South America, but not so much the yanks on something like this.

And as mentioned above, I believe Corby was guilty, at the very least she covered for family.

Insert SJW cliche:

“If you make drugs legal she would never go to Jail. war on drugs does not work”

ahem… just stopped 5Kg of Cocaine bound for Aussie streets…winner is Bogata!.

I wish it was coming to my house. :smirk:

Got talked into it by big sister Mercedes.

Her & partner ran a surf shop in Bali, well known among surfers as supplying more than boardshorts & wax for Aus surf travellers.

Lot’s of money to be made from it over there, she knew exactly what she was doing.


Drug mules are morons. They are caught eventually and the top dog never goes to prison. This girl’s just another ■■■■■■■■, though the media wanted to go down the “pretty innocent white woman” route.


I just love the “I believed it was headphones” excuse. Serious extraction of the urine.



Only times I’ve heard of it being offered on the street, was the practice of cops setting up tourists for a shake down.

It’s a well known Bali travel no no, you never accept the offers.


Not necessarily. Thousands get through every day that you never hear of.

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Don’t worry love you’ll be out and when you do you can sell your story to the highest bidder

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Didn’t we pass a law a while ago about not being able to profit from crime like that??

Or was it just a thought bubble that never went further than a headline?