Dumb Questions Amnesty


No need to get kransky.


that joke is the wurst


E Tu, Brute?


Looks like we’ve run into some unexpected snags in this thread.

Or not…if we’ve gone to Bunnings.


About to book holidays, hopefully Japan.

3 weeks during school holidays, inclusive of Prelim and GF weekends.

Should I reconsider?


You don’t mince your words eh?

I do think you have a case though.


'tis a risk I reckon.


Depends on how lid off you are. might just be missing one of many, or our only shot for a while.


I’m massively kid off, always am, always will be.

But it’s the only time I can get the right leave, and travel with the family.

I guess therell be a bar in Tokyo that can show the footy.


Have you been at a Bomber GF win ?

Taking your kids to Japan is educational so missing a week of school will not matter.


You write contrarily.


2000 and 2001
Not sure I would be in a position to get tickets again when we make it, aside from buying a corporate package.


Your taking the kids to Japan and not the GF ?


Probably cheaper.


Birthday coming up. Want to get myself a nice single malt. I’ve been into Islay for a while and thinking of trying more Speyside stuff. Wanting to explore the more spicy, caramel, fruity types. Probably looking at no more than $150. Any recommendations? Like the look of the 16 year old cask Glenlivet. I’ve become a bit accustomed to cask strength with a drop of water. There’s another 18 year old diluted one from them. Glenfarclas do a cask strength without the age defined. Same with Aberlour which seems to have a cult following. I’m probably leaning towards the first one but am open to being talked into something else.



You could start at the 12 yr and work your way up every year,

… or this seems like it would fit thee bill about now and would also make a good start point.



Thanks BSD. Is Glenmorangie your go to?


Yes mate. Absolutely.

Scotch is not really my fave tipple, & I can’t/won’t drink it anything but straight, and therefore good.

I’d tried quite a few over the decades, and then got put onto this about 15 years ago, and for mine, even that base model crapped on anything I remembered prior.

Then we got a Dan M’s down this neck about 4 yrs ago, and they had a Scotch tasting, not including this, but the top exxy Johnny Walker, and 4 or 5 others ranging between 120 to 250 dollars, … and again, nothing touched the GM IMO.

I’ve bought maybe a half dozen for blokes as large thankyou gifts since finding it, & all bar one are converts. (Man just loves his Dimple)


Hmm. You make a persuasive argument. Do
You get the toffee and Christmas spices notes with these? That’s kinda what I was after. Wanted something a bit different to the peaty, seaspray, halogen kinda thing.


The gen theme has always mentioned citrus, … and yeah, I s’pose it’s there at the front, . but the dominant thing for me, and i always have said, … kinda spicy Vanilla Caramel, … so toffee Xmas spice probs not that far off.

Also, as one Col. Potter once said in MASH, … not enough O’s in Smooooooooooooooooooooooooth.