Dumb Questions Amnesty


I had this same problem recently and solved it by putting down chicken wire over the parts of the garden beds that the cat/s were digging in.


Just like your rocks that roll around upstairs.
Oh yeah and Twomey is a “real fan”.


How old was Ubu the dog when he passed away?


Wow, you idiots know so little about cats.


That’s right. We’re bomber supporters.


Not sure if this is serious but bunnings website showed no product found?


Open a dim sim factorty.


A rumour has legs.

WTF does this mean? I know what it conveys when used, but where on earth does it come from.


That would be on a kneed to know basis.


You’ve put your foot in it now.


I thought I was opening it up for heather, but puns too.



Just staying in step


You’re a good foot soldier Noons.


That’s it, here are your marching orders.



Update: The keep off! product from bunnings has done the trick.

Also driving around today I was behind a car with a True “farking” blue sticker membership thing.

Made me drive more aggressively and hate that car.

Am I a bad person?


No, you are a good person.


If you could manoeuvre them to a sheer cliffside and cause them to go over the cliff…without touching them…you will be doing them…and the world…a favour.

Was it a purple Torana? Or do young ethnic gentlemen drive other things these days?


‘ethnic gentlemen’