Dumb Questions Amnesty


In in Melbourne, so I could take you up in the offer.

But to be clear, do I still need a VCR to play the tape. This cable thing just sends the analog signal to the computer where it’s converted to digital?


I can’t imagine any scenario in which you don’t need the VHS player. The tape is not a digital format.


Yep, as the oldest Bomber alive says above.


Yep, was thinking that, just Bacchus said he had a read/writer which sounded more than just a cable or tuner of some sort.

Looks like I’m off to the Darebin Refuse centre to see if I can find a VCR, then I’ll seek out my cable thing.


That was a DVD writer, which may have a HDD too.

You used video and audio out cables (usually red, white and yellow, yellow is video) from the VHS, and they go into the DVD burner. You then set the input on the DVD Burner to AV1 or AV2 or whatever input slots you use. Maybe SCART connections if it’s a European player.

The last jobbie I used, which used VideoGlide capture, went from the VHS straight into a USB port on the computer.


Will all this work on a hand held camera?
I guess I’ll need to load some software.


If you have a FireWire port (on the camera or computer), there are other (generally better but more expensive) options too.

I have an old Canopus box that takes video cables in and feeds FireWire to the computer. I don’t actually have any FireWire ports on the computer, but a converter to Thunderbolt works.

I have too many tapes yet to be converted…


If you mean like a Sony Handycam etc, … yes. The same AV leads you would plug into the TV, you can plug into the usb converter .

Something like this, …but there will be plenty of different ones out there, …


That’s awesome.
I got a couple of home movie tapes done about five years ago and they charged me about $75 each.


I’ll do them for you for just $70 a piece!!




But you pay for the petrol



And Noonan will cover the fuel



Noonan will be covered in fuel.


As long as that offer is unmatched.


Finding a bright spark on Blitz might be the biggest challenge though.


YES would be looking for diamonds in a lead mine scenario.


… … … … on a lighter note …


Such a bright spark.


Is it normal to bruise up a week after you have a blood taken (i.e. Monday blood taken, then a week later the bruise appears, no signs before that)?