Dumb Questions Amnesty


I had mine done yesterday. Behaved normally so far. You could see it yesterday, hardly notice it today.


A few days maybe, but a week is a bit long. Wouldn’t worry though. Just a minor bruise taking a while to get to the surface. I had bloods done last week. Took 3 days for the bruising to show.


You have blood?


Yes…and it’s worth bottling.


If you keep up this hot topic you’re all going to get flamed.



Blitz is absolutely Lord of the Flies.


Shut up, Piggy.


Anyone got a good portable Bluetooth speaker?

Probably want it to be suitable for camping, but needs to be high quality sound.


Bluetooth is ■■■■.
Get something with a cable.


I bought my daughter a Marley Get Together on special at JB for $200. It’s great, she takes it to parties and it goes down a treat. Very good bass response from something so small. Their Bag of Riddim is a bit bigger and has twice the output, excellent package. Their products in general are very well made.


I usually avoid Bose products because they’re overpriced, but I have the Soundlink Mini and it’s amazing. I would recommend the larger version (Soundlink, no mini) if you plan to mostly use it outdoors though. I don’t own that one but have heard one in action (outdoors) and was again impressed.

Edit: looks like they’ve also got some sort of fancy 360 degree version now. No idea what it’s like but I assume it works well.


I went to JB Hi-Fi, played a song on my phone, linked to the various speakers they had and then chose which sound I liked best.

It was the Bose Soundlink Mini.

I’ve had it for a few years now. It’s comparitively heavy, but I don’t think inconveniently so.
It’s started to have some Bluetooth dropout issues, which I put down to me leaving it out in the rain a few times.


FWIW, I sat next to a girl on the plane home who was looking over my shoulder searching for speakers, and posting on blitz.

She recommended the United Ears speakers, read the reviews during the flight as we had wifi.

Bought it in the way home.


Normally wouldn’t buy anything with ‘mega’ or ‘pro’ in it, but the demo was nice.

Waterproof, floats, bomb proof.


What’s the name of the cool slow motion walking song?
No, not Little Green Bag or anything Tarantinoey.
The other one.
With the big brass strikes.
Bah bah bomp.

Or failing that, what film is it from?


Battle without honour or humility - has great big brass stabs used in slow mo scenes and adds. Reckon it could be it.

It’s Tarrintino though, kill bill.


Ohhhhhhhh, of course it is!
You’re a legend!


I have a newsletter that I’d like someone to design, and then once a month collate content that has been emailed to them into the newsletter.

My question, is that suited to Airtasker, Fiverr or what sort of oustourxing site?




@riolio can do that.


Guessing they need a proof reader as well.