Dumb Questions Amnesty


Does any normal person eat a banana sideways?


You need a TV show, man.


I know a guy who eats raw onions, skin and all. So nothing surprises me anymore.


But it’s when a guy does it thinking it’s an Apple, and doesn’t realise it’s not and keeps chewing when it becomes really bizarre.

But that could never happen.


Normal person.


I eat the chocolate off the crunchie first, same with a magnum ice cream.

But yeah, not a banana


I cut the top off the Banana and eat it with a parfait spoon like a boiled egg.




I bet you can suck a tennis ball right through a garden hose, carncha?


I saw a girl in Thailand take a banana sideways, not sure that is what you mean though.


I saw the late great Jazzy O take a butternut pumpkin.


They also bought a horse on stage in Thailand, but Mrs Fox made me leave.




But surely not sideways.


Monsterous buck teeth?


What are the names of the players that will be attending the November 12th training?


Shagga, Knackers, Horse and Bluey


Getting upgraded from adsl to NBN via coaxial with Internode.

They’re supplying a TG789 router that’s 2.4 GHz up to 300Mbps,


I can pay $200 for Fritz!Box 7490 for dual band 1300Mbps.

What do I need?



Considering you won’t get more than 100 Mbps through Coax, … (IIRC?), … I doubt you’d have any need for the 1300 mbps one, … although it may have other things going for it you could use?


Yep, then I just found out I can’t even use the top flight one.

So, helllllllo NBN!!!