Dumb Questions Amnesty


So it’s ‘fibre to the node’?
I know nothing


Woah, that’s not how it works…

The headline number is basically if you’re wireless device is 1cm away from the router.

Drop the max speed by half per meter away from the router as a general rule.

Remember too the headline is for all devices. So if you have 2 running simultaneously then you halve it again.


I’ll add this link too. It’s a pretty simple guide.


Why has there never been a cover of Solid Rock?


Ummm there has been



By a band I’ve heard of?


That’s pretty impressive

They’ve actually made it worse.


Didn’t say it was good.

There was also a super group one too




The original was the best.


Sorry to do this


At least that one is a different lead singer.


Dire Straights or the Shane Howard one?

I’m pretty sure Shanes one’s been done by a number of bands.


Who is the person who has the final say on which player we take in the draft?


Not @benfti


Unless something has changed, Dodoro


So is any 1 on here close to Mr Dodoro?
Has he suggested which players he may take that might be available?


For any of those blokes who have gotten the snip, which method did you go? Scalpel, needle or the no needle, no scalpel method? Is it painful and how long was it painful for? I have heard of some blokes going back to work in two days and others saying it was painful for a month.


I hear a really really tight elastic band is the way to go.

Seems to work on Sheep just fine.


Because it’s on sacred ground


Went to Dr Snip. Got it done awake, easy as. Took a day off, but probably didn’t need to.

You get an injection or two, then it’s down to business. Just sit back and watch the TV. They go in and fish around a bit, which feels plenty weird.

Ended up with a 3rd degree burn from the diathermy, which was resolved pretty quickly.