Dumb Questions Amnesty


Not one bit.


Not teppanyaki but still Japanese I’ve been to Okami Japanese a couple of times. There’s a fair few of the around Melbourne.

32.80 for all you can eat. Food is pretty good as well.

Also BYO Wine so can really give it push.


How come you never see Asians with dreadlocks?


I vaguely knew an Indian? maybe Sri Lankan guy with big dreads.

Most east asian hair is too straight and thin.


Did you know that Asian hair… at least of a certain genealogy, is oval in cross-section, not circular like Caucasian? Apparently, this aids in keeping it flat.


Just sorting out next years calendar and I see that the 2019 finals bye weekend is now called ‘Celebration of Football Weekend ‘. What the fark is that?


Another AFL wank


Should have another Public Hol and an all Finals sides “Celebration of Football” parade to go with, … :smirk:




Probably just a euphamism for celebrating wanna be global dictator gilon the massive ■■■■ head.


I have a 2 part question I’m hoping the Blitz knowledge base may be able to answer,

1st, has anyone here, having never suffered from Hayfever in their life, suddenly started getting it out of the blue?

And 2nd, … is it an especially Hayfevery time right now in Victoria?


My dad had hayfever until just after he got married in his mid 20’s
My mum never did.

Then they swapped over, and she had it the rest of her life.

I think it’s avoided my siblings and me…not sure about one sister.

But…it’s an allergy, and they often come on later in life, as did my allergy to aspirin and cats.


yep. Didn’t get hayfever til about a year ago. Only get it mildly, and if I take a tablet each morning, I find that generally that manages it.


Cheers folks.

Which one did you find worked for you K?


I’m lucky - every one I’ve tried so far seems to have worked! so I just get whatever is on special! The chemist home brand ones are usually cheaper than the better known brand names. I’m using a Chemist’s Own one called Fexo at the moment.

But like I said, mine is mild. I have some friends who say the only one that works for them is claratyne, whereas others swear by zyrtec.


“Especially hayfevery” is hard to say. It depends on what you react to - eg I react badly to wattyl blooms, and not much else.

You can lookup pollen count (BOM I think or maybe EPA), but that’s only a generalised number and might not be relevant to you.


I only started getting hayfever when I came back from living o/s. Melbs is apparently the worst place for it.

Mine comes when tea tree flowers (and snapper season starts). i have a few unbearable weeks and then the 180 telfast work and then nothing by December usually.


I had it bad for donkeys years. I now have no carpets and only leather or wooden furniture, no dust traps. Around October-December can be bad but I manage with steroidal nasal spray, Nasonex is particularly good. The steroid element repairs the inflammation damage done from sneezing my head off repeatedly.

Just recently there have been a couple of very sneezy days. Often it happens after strong rain because the rain pelts the ripe grasses and releases the pollens. A north wind is perfect for delivering that pollen from farmland to you.

P.S. Zyrtec does work fairly well but can cause drowsiness.


I’ve had hayfever as an adult after not growing up with it, but it’s only certain years that it seems to happen


I just knew you were on drugs.

No-one is that happy all the time !!!