Dumb Questions Amnesty


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Yep, Zyrtec only works for me - I always cop it horrendously when I come back to Melbourne - never up here in sydney.


My dad has had it for as long as I can remember. Sister only just got it about 3 years ago. My dad sneezes alot whereas my sister just feels dreary and itchy eyes.

My aunty got it at the age of 61 for the first time


A good mate of mine is an immunologist and she was staying there is a prevalence of adults having allergies to things they previously tolerated. A number of studies linked this prevalence to food additives added to body shower gels, hand creams etc. Apparently if you don’t ingest these addictives and only apply them to the skin, the body builds up an immunity such that if you do ingest it down the track, the body reacts through anaphylaxis.

Sorry not hayfever as such but i thought it was interesting.


I had hayfever so bad when i lived in Melbourne, i needed to undergo a desenstisation program and have injections of small amounts of what i was allergic to (pollen and dust mite). After 4 months i built up a tolerance. I now only suffer mildly with hayfever (that was 15 years ago).


Cat injections - meow!


Unnecessary if you grew up eating Dim Sims, … supposedly.


i grew up on a farm in the wimmera/mallee and never had hayfever but my brother suffered badly from it. went to melbourne to work and ended up with it every year. so left melb and it followed me to the top end for 35 years. the spear grass around feb was the worst. now back in vic and in the country and touch wood have been good. the chemist recommended fexo 180 if i do get it again


When it was announced that Amazon’s Jeff Bezos was divorcing his wife, McKenzie, I saw a tweet from Richard Osman of Pointless fame asking
“Did she leave with a neighbour?”

to almost universal acclaim, and I’m thinking WTFF?

I looked it up and found that if you’re not home, you can ask the delivery people to leave the goods with a neighbour.

My question is…is that an option in Australia? and if not, is that because AusPost do most of their deliveries and won’t exercise that option.


We have one delivery guy up here who leaves parcels with our neighbour.
He’s afraid of the dogs!


I used to get hay fever right up till I had a cortisone shot for my AC.
Never got it again.


Our mail guy leaves other peoples mail with us.



I used to live at Unit 2, Number 15 and got mail for Flat 15 Number 2 at least once a fortnight.


No. He’s an idiot


Really old Shellac records were played at 78 RPM.Then we had vinyl 45 RPM and 33 and 1/3 RPM ,adding these 2 together makes 78 and 1/3.
Were the 33.3 and 45 rpm deliberately made to ad up to 78 or coincidence ?


Good question.

TL;DR: 78rpm was chosen to fit the motor of the early record players, not the other way around.
33 1/3rpm was an attempt to get as much playing time onto a record with an acceptable quality of sound (faster is apparently better for that).
45rpm was chosen by a competitor for the same reasons (after failing with 33 earlier) but 33 came out on top.
I guess length wasn’t such an issue for singles so they stuck with the easier to produce better quality sound. But that doesn’t really explain why they didn’t stick with 78rpm for singles…


So what happens now when a young 18 yo guy barrackades himself at a Thailanese airport hotel, goes apeshit on twitter, wanting to seek Asylum?


I don’t understand your concern about very tiny numbers of refugees from fictitious countries.


Gender inequality? Heroes rattling tins for these arseholes? The fact this ■■■■ makes news?
I’m ■■■■■■ off with it!


You can’t possibly be annoyed by it being the in the news, given how much you’re going on about it.
And ahhh, gender inequality.
Yes, I guess we must consider how much easier women have it.
Good point.