Dumb Questions Amnesty


So that’s why the last naked gun was 33/3.
I can rest now.


Do I get a whiff of Dyslexia here?


Can you change your Netflix from AU account to US account without too much hassle, or do I open another account (asking for a friend)?


You can do it. Dont need to change account… Netflix allows you to transport your account overseas. It also, however, recognises certain VPNs, and blocks them. Especially free ones. Research.


You live in Queensland. We expect that from you.


he also goes to canada to start a family with the 18 year old girl arranged marriage me thinks on the sly!




As we are of yours pauline.


…in Saudi Arabia.

What with not having to drive, vote, own property, go to school, go to hospital without their owner saying so etc.
Life must be a breeze!


How the hell do you remove fat stains from a wood deck?

Spilt a decent amount of lamb fat following a recent BBQ. Have tried strong, grease-removing dishwashing detergents, soaps, laundry detergents & even some fine grit sandpaper. Nothing has worked.



Tough one. Was it sealed at all?

If not, … or if not for a few years,… the first thing I’d try is shaping some sort of containment around the deck piece/s affected, … (plywood or such into gaps, seal ends with cardboard and tape to create a box) and pour some some Kitty litter, (or industrial oil lifter powder, . a bit more exy, but a little better), about 40mm deep, and leaving it for a few days to a week.


Unfortunately, no. The planks are ‘Itauba’ (a Brazilian tropical hardwood).

Will give this a shot. Cheers, man.


I sort of figured. If a deck (or any timber) is oiled already, it can’t take in any more.

If all else fails, giving it 2 or 3 coats of Cabots or such will make the grease stain virtually disappear. May have just got a good excuse/reason to give it a couple of coats. It’ll look heaps better, and last years longer.

And you won’t have to worry about any future grease/wine/beer/bourbon spills :wink:


This is easy, and requires a Deckham kind of mind.
You will need half a bucket of lamb fat, to start…


That would work, … which Hospital would we need to send the “Get Well Soon,… hope that broken Hip mends real soon” cards to though, …?? :thinking:


Yep. This is my last resort. Will prolly do it anyway (for the reasons you outlined). :wink: Cheers again.


See, this is why you’re an experienced chippy, and I’ve just spent 3 days farkin around with my first go at building one for the son - we’re half way there.


I almost tagged you in to my original post, but changed my mind (predicting you would suggest something radical & dangerous). You didn’t disappoint. :joy:


Those are my middle names, mah man.