Dumb Questions Amnesty

Hey 1 less worker towards exterminating Cane Toads.

Queenstown had a hospital - was that for the footy ground without grass

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Pretty big hospital at one time.

Spent many weekends watching footy at the gravel ground, ringed by an asphalt bike track… cwa ladies made super cakes though :grinning:

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Can any cop give you a ticket for a basic offence?

I figure the ones on foot, and in regular cop cars can give you a ticket for speeding/jay walking/littering, but can a member of SOG or Forensics give you a ticket if they spot you doing something that you shouldn’t be.

I once had an off-duty cop arrest me for - well, nothing to do with his specific area. Does that count?


Well, that probably answers my question. Must’ve been pretty serious offence, or some kind of ego trip.

Wouldn’t be many jobs were people can be off duty, and just step in and do it whenever they feel free to do so.

Let’s just say - a fracas.


Another job like that is the coach of Hawthorn.

A ruckus?

Is anyone here offended by the Gillette ad? If you are I can’t seem to reconcile the idea that being called out for being an ■■■■■■■■ is offensive to your fragile sensibilities. Particularly because if you’re an ■■■■ pinching, cat calling, violent douche bag and would ask anyone to “get over it” if they didn’t like that then simply pointing it out hurts your feeling you’re actually a pretty ridiculous person.

Or, am I “virtue signalling” here? Nah. I don’t think I’d like that to happen to my daughter, sister, partner, mother. Hands up who wouldn’t care about that in their own circle? Anyone? If you don’t care you’re probably a sociopath. If you only care about your own and no one else you’re prick. Yes. You are.


This is coming from the bloke that played “Somebody’s gonna get their head kicked in tonight” in the DJ King thread.

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Have had the very same situation.

If you have a look at the top nasal sprays for hayfever you’ll find they have a form of cortisone.

I get it bad. Like mosquitoes have eaten my face bad. So eye drops, nasal spray and tablets for me. Had the allergy test done. My reaction to grass jumped onto the results for two other tests it reacted that strongly. All common Australian grasses. Did the injections for a couple of years. Helped a bit (I dropped the nasal spray).

As for which tablet well it’s personal. For me I tend to jump brands every 2 / 3 years as the effect wears out. So Claratyne, Zyrtec then Telfast.

As for the spray Nasonex works well. Used to be prescription only.

While you’re on this, my oiled deck doesn’t shine no more. I put another coat of the same stuff on after washing the deck but now it’s just a horrible mess. When i was using the pressure cleaner on the deck the deck actually became blacker instead of it’s nice wood colour.


What’s all this about? Is there a link we could have?


A ruction, of sorts.

Well there’s your problem, then.
Use shinier stuff.

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Two dumb questions for the price of one:

  1. When and why did people start saying ‘prolly’ instead of probably?

  2. Why do ‘the young folk’ start every sentence with the word “So…”?

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So, in my experience, the iPhone kept autocorrecting to prolly and then it became a thing.

Not sure I can answer the second question.