Dumb Questions Amnesty


So, you’ll probably want to wander over to the ‘political correctness’ thread.


… and say the word “like” like 10 times in a couple of sentences, like.


Ha. That went out in about 1998, you L7


Ha it’s still around today. I hear it often. You should get out more.


Yep did a bit of research into it just after I realised it had cleared up. Dr took out a needle the size of the Hubble telescope and shot a truckload of it into my knee. Ow.
But the trade off is worth it and now a can sniff flowers and skip through meadows like in those ads.


It was during the time when Kelly Clarkson and Lizzie McGuire were popular.
They could not string 2 words together. During
one of their interviews they used 30 “likes” and 29 “Sos” each followed by “you knows” in a sentence. Complete and utter dribble? Young girls copied.


“Like” “You know” and “Um” drive me crazy when used more than once per sentence or many times in one dialogue.


Quite right. Never visited it.


“You know what I mean?” used multiple times in the same discussion sheets me no end. No, I’m a daft muppet & have no idea what you mean. “You know what I mean”? :grin:


“You know? So I was telling them how is goes and they didn’t even, you know?”

Actually, I’m really not sure I do know.


“I know what you mean” is perfectly fine (even if you have NFI what they mean). :wink:


All I can thing is “it’s so like, whatever.”



One of my kids and I are currently in an obsessed ‘nomsay/amite/jafeel’ phase hahahaha


Got 30 seconds in before I had to stop.


Lots of possibilities here Souly. Kinda like asking “Why is Weather?” lol.

I have about 10 questions just to start .

Maybe one for a phone call, will you be around home over the W/end?


Had a reminisce (re Bombers) with a friend today. Somehow StKilda came up in the conversation re the Moorabbin ground.

What was it called?


Always known as Linton Street AFAIK.


I always thought it was just Moorabbin Oval??

Not thinking of Sths Lakeside Oval, by chance, . :thinking: I used to mix them up sometimes back in the day.



For some reason I thought it had a nickname.