Dumb Questions Amnesty


Sorry, I actually meant The Firce Awakens…so many movies…


In ANH he had a silver leg, but probably couldn’t tell until the remastered movies came out.
He got dismantled in ESB and repaired by Chewie, back to normal.

I’m Force Awakens he even mentions it to Han ‘you might not recognise me as I have a red arm’

Only thing I can think is it’s to make up for all the questions about why Obi Wan and Anakon (as Darth) don’t recognise R2 or 3PO in the original movies, even though they’ve known them from the prequels.


The answer for the red arm is in the comics/ official books apparently

I don’t know the answer because im not a massive nerd who reads comics


Yes it is from the comics.
His arm was gold again by the end of TFA


Is it normal for possums to be out and about during the day?
We’ve had a great big ‘I will jump on you and scratch your face to pieces’ possum in the house before, and that wasn’t fun.
But this is just a little pup.
Very slow moving and not particularly bothered when we walked up to it.
I wonder if it’s not well.
Anyway, I felt sorry for it and gave it a nectarine.


Could be stressed by the heat and lack of water?


Could be.
I put a bowl of water out for it, but it wasn’t interested.
Went bang on that nectarine, though.


I realise that this is a weird question, but I guess this is just the place for it. Where did you source the nectarine from?


I believe it was organically grown at the supermarket.
That’s where I bought it.
Should I not have given it?

Mrs Wim says maybe it’s an opossum.
I just know it doesn’t look like the horrible one that got in the house.


It’s a ringtail possum… well done with the nectarine


Well, the reason I ask, is I’ve just been having a tantrum about the poor quality of fruit in todays supermarkets, and was wondering if the possum cared or not.


We sometimes go to the fruiterers.
Gotta love stone fruit season.


I really do love stone fruit, but by gosh Coles has ruined the things.


Ringtail. Much smaller (and nicer) than brushies. They eat pretty much anything, the jerks.


The only way you can get decent stone fruit is to grow it yourself. Growers pick it hard and then let it ‘ripen’ off the tree in cool stores.


Really horrible, what’s become of them.
They taste nothing like they used to, such a shame.
I have to find space for a peach and apricot tree.


When was the last time we destroyed a team in the last quarter?
I know we’ve had plenty of outstanding first quarters, I mean similar to that but in the last quarter?


A loooong time

But we had a few games where we should have - but kicked 4.5 or 5.7 to 2.1

Make that 8.4 or 6.3 and we’ll be right


Actually GWS - 6.3 to 1.3 last quarter


I thought perhaps it might have been.
My memory’s not great, but that was my feeling.
Maybe we’ve done that against Collingwood in the last few years? Maybe?

Anyway, not having a go.
Blitzkreig is great, but I really, really would like to be a team that increases pressure on the opposition until they break.


Were we in front at 3/4 time?

Actually, guessing by game-plan I’m thinking maybe Brisbane and Geelong.
GWS doesn’t surprise me.

Another edit: Sydney. 4.8 to 0.1