Dumb Questions Amnesty



8.8 to 7.9

We should have had big last quarters against GC, Freo, Sydney and Adelaide too. Convert properly and our percentage looks a lot better.


IIRC, didn’t we come back in the 4th to beat Port in Rnd 3(?) 2018 and it was our best comeback in ages?

Different to putting the foot on the throat but shows we had ticker to burn in the 4th.


Anyone got any good tricks for getting plaster and concrete dust out of electronic equipment? Part of my roof just collapsed onto a whole bunch of gear. Got a screwdriver and some compressed air. Any other tips?


Brush and compressed air. Compressed air can end up poking dust into deep little corners, and you can be better off getting a brush in there first to lift it up.

Obviously make sure the brush isn’t conductive.

I’m always surprised by how robust PCBs are.


Ah yes, the right brush.

It’s in everything


Put a flyer up at your local university for volunteers looking to gain experience in archaeological methods in a modern period dig.


I’ve known some of the local archaeology students. I’m not letting them anywhere near my stuff


OK, air is probably not going to cut it and water could cause some damage to the equipment but what about petrol? Just run a hose from a Jerry can to a Gerni and it should just wash away the plaster and evaporate, leaving your equipment pristine.


You’re on the right track machina, … but Isopropyl alcohol is what you want here.

Far too much residue from Petty.


Yeah some things are going to have to be cleaned that way. I just pulled apart my mixing console, for probably the first time in its life and there’s some grimy buildup in there. Oh well, good excuse for an overdue internal cleaning


What’s up with court room sketch artists?

How come some court rooms allow photographs and some others get a dude doing finger painting?


Who was the major competitor to Cogswell’s Cogs?


Specely Sprockets


Indeed it was.
Well done.


It was actually Spacely Sprockets


Ah, I misread that post.
You are quite correct.


Really you’re going to get me on a spelling error, in this place.

Alright then, technically, it’s actually Spacely Space Sprockets Inc.


So what was Spacely’s first name?


Same as Kramer’s first name.


Kramer Spacely? You sure?