Dumb Questions Amnesty




So an Essendon supporter has just moved in to our street somewhere. I’m on a corner so they could be anywhere. They have the stickers on the car and one car has an Essendon number plate.

Is it stupid to try and find them? Or is that just weird


Nah, it’s not weird.
Put a little note under their wiper. Just a casual note, like.
Hopefully, they answer. Maybe they’ll reply with their own note under the same wiper. You can check under the wipers until you’re confident about leaving your address written down. Then they can come visit you. Or you could just write down your number plate, and they can leave you notes under your wiper. Haha. Let us know how you go.


Depends where you live. If you live in East Nashville it would be worth going over and saying hi. If you live in Niddrie then it is probably just normal


Do you hear that @nackers??
Do ya???


Yep I hear you loud and clear. It’s a normal part of life to leave notes on random peoples cars in Niddrie.

It would never happen in Essendon though


stakeout the car, then follow them home. 100% guaranteed to work.


Is that Heath Hocking in the intro to the SBS show “Richo’s Bar Snacks”? (one of the shows Mrs A_T watches).


His brother is a comedian and looks a fair bit like him (slightly smaller and slightly less agricultural than Heath). Could be him?


Could be… the show biz connection for free food sounds right.


Both regulars for EFC corporate gigs too.


A friend of ours was wondering why the roads up around Bright are white. She asked if they did that so you could see the black ice.


The local stone used for the aggregate in the reseals up there must be a lighter colour. The stone is selected for size, shape and hardness not colour.

As you travel around the state and country you see slightly different coloured pavements,


Aaaaand, it makes it easier to see the black ice


You mean - it isn’t called ‘black ice’ because it’s ice sitting on black tarmac???


Exactly, it’s called black ice because it’s totally transparent and can’t be seen unlike frosty ice.


If it is totally transparent, why don’t they call it invisible ice?


Because then you’d think they were lying.


Don’t we think that anyway? “Black” ice… pfft.


It’s black in Siberia