Dumb Questions Amnesty


Cranberrites will recall the money saving venture to fill in the cracks in the road surface with black polymer like super glue. What with frosts from April till November, black ice morning evening and night and heaps of accidents. Cost a bomb to dig it out.


What is the term where you use a substitute word for another?

For example if you were going to split a bill you could go Harvey Normans (or halves).

Or if you wanted to pay with a twenty dollar bill you use the Lobster.



I don’t understand the rest of your lobster/Harvey Norman question.






I rarely use public transport, so need help.

Got on a tram and scanned my card. It flashed red and said I had -$1.60.

I jumped straight off and caught an Uber instead.

What am I supposed to do in this situation? and did I still pay for the team ride? (is the amount that flashes up the remaining after purchase?)


Aren’t they called Canberrans?


Colloquialisms? Slang ? Rhyming slang?.


That is what it is.
Well in the Harvey Norman example.
The other is just normal slang.


So a couple of other examples would be;

Strawberry Tart for a heart.

Apples and Pears for stairs.


That’s rhyming slang.


Yep, rhyming slang. Noonan knows alot of those terms.

Ballarat on the Warrick Farms means he has tattoos on his arms (I think)
Not sure if dead horse (sauce) and frog and toad (road) are also rhyming slang


They are.
Once upon a time your plates (of meat) were your feet. You’re 3K (Z) was your head. Your onkas (onkaparingas) were your fingers. The trouble and strife was the wife. Etc etc

Rhyming slang is always around and constantly changing/ being added too.


In my circles, a Ballarat was a fat. Although a Yasser (Arafat) was the same thing.

A Bacchus (Marsh) became an ‘Arfa (halfway to Ballarat), a semi-tumescent male member, not quite ready for a Jan Juc.

Dead horse was certainly (tomato) sauce, and a pie a Dog’s Eye.
Heaps of them around.

Coke of either variety is Travis Boak.
A spew is a Chris Mew or a Stewie Dew.
A vomit is a Wallace and Gromit.

For the Poms, Bristol (City)’s were breasts, Hampton (Wick) a male member, Tijuana (Brass) or Lemonade and Sars the botty.

Blokes used to get a bit Paul Getty under the Warwick Farms, and a bit of a pen and ink would ensue.

Unless you horse and carted.

The Pommy expression “blowing a raspberry “ comes from raspberry tart.


When I was a teen I had a female friend who liked to call people berks.
She stopped doing that after I told her it was short for Berkshire hunt.
True story.


Little known fact.

We’ve Australianised it to Rex Hunt or just a Karmichael.

Allegedly Reg Grundy was never happy that his name had been immortalised as slang for undies.

Nor Rodney Hogg when his name became slang for a dump (or a bog).


There was a Facebook post on Australian slang a few months back. There was an expression “petty” for petrol that nobody had ever heard of except for some from the Hunter region around Newcastle.

I did see BSD use it recently.


Still do,… and all of us have done since we were young High schoolers with paddock bombs & dirt bikes.

Always asking each other how much dosh we had to buy petty, how much petty can we get.

I’m a bit surprised at it’s lack of recognition,… but then again, cool kids who use cool words like petty don’t do fakebook, never would.

That’s a thing more used by your dickheads & dorks… :smirk:


I learnt that Seppos are Americans from Noonan


In the Trump era, it maybe time to change that one from Septics, to Toto’s, …

… short for Total Wanks.