Dumb Questions Amnesty


Alice ? Alice ?

Who the Fark is Alice ?


In China a while back the counterfeit markets were just in plain sight. Some great quality stuff, which was apparently legit, but also plenty of crap.

And plenty of people there didn’t seem to mind wearing what is obviously a fake.


It amuses me that people will scoff at others buying knock-offs… and brag about getting fleeced by billionaire companies.


After China joined the World Trade Organization and WIPO, other governments acquired legal economic leverage to enforce China’s obligations, to the extent that counterfeiting is less overt and should be a crime under Chinese law (even if not often enforced).


Dropped a shape on the rug at home last night and found it this morning. Do I eat it? Or do I throw it out?


What flavour is it?


It was actually one of those Dorito Cheese Supreme Crackers and it was a third of one. Thought they were actually called shapes but nope - my bad.


I probably wouldn’t … if I was sober.


Well it’s been put aside while I await the collective wisdom of Blitz. Maybe I need to set a time limit for this question before the microbial load gets too high!


If you’re waiting for wisdom from Blitz then it’s going to be a green and furry cracker before you eat it.

My question to you to assist your decision - how hungry are you?


It’s not so much a matter of being hungry - it’s the only treat I have in the house currently as I have little self control/discipline when it comes to such things.


The longer you dither, the staler it’s going to get.


When you’re playing Pictionary, does it still count if you draw a picture and they say the word, even if it’s not exactly what’s in the card.

object on card: flour
What I drew: flower :rose:


As a pictionary noob, I think it should count! The words are said the same after all - unless there is some weird pronunciation difference between them that I don’t know about.


Just checked the brains trust and they’re fine with it.



In your face Jnr 1 and Jnr 2!!!



Offical rules for Pictionary state : Spelling does not matter meaning that a player can draw clues for the word “chute” even though the card says “shoot.”

So what they really mean is that the sound of the word is the objective, not necessarily the correct word itself.


Are Ben Stratton and BD Stratton the same person?


Who owns/runs this forum? Do they post here?