Dumb Questions Amnesty


This simply would not fly in South Australia, where pronouncing “flour” in such a manner can result in a conviction in the magistrates court.


In order to have this answered you must PM @Mendozaaaa


Had to download Instagram so I could access an architects portfolio.

What’s the deal with it, do people just post photos on it, like Facebook?


Anyone here know anything about MIG Welding / Welders?? :thinking:

If so, is this one at ALDI coming up worth a shot at the price for a Hobbyist / sometimes for car panels, sometimes for welding Trailers or timber racks shed framing etc, … say up to 5 mm mild steel etc??

I have an ARC for bigger stuff.



I have no idea, but my missus welds with MIG - says gas rather than gasless gives a much better/cleaner weld, and this is a little dinky compared to what she uses, but this might be OK for little odd jobs like you mention. Hell for $200 you can’t go too far wrong. You’ve reminded me I need to get her to fix a trailer gate!


I agree with your missus.


100 amps ain`t much and using gas does a better job. More to welding than pulling the trigger and wire coming out.

Remember this . It is all about the puddle. Start with making a good puddle of weld at the right temperature and wire speed and move the welding gun at the right angle and speed and height to continue the puddle for a good weld.

Your missus will understand what that is.


What makes single children families all of a sudden go “Need 4 wheel drive. Outgrown my sadan?”

Just had a girl at work have their first child and 2 weeks later upgrades a 4 door sedan to a honda 4 wheel drive.

You have one kid and prams fit into smaller boots than what you have.


That’s an easy one, … ALL the other fkn Toorak tractors surrounding you on the roads these days with their bullbars at shoulder level when you’re in a basic Sedan.
It shitts me to tears, can’t see past them, can’t see anything but them if they’re behind you,… but I get it once you’ve got your Nippers in the back. Can’t beat them, so they frikkin join them.
Next thing everybody will be driving around in Hummers or Tip Trucks!

They should bring in double rego costs for 4WDs bigger than say a Sportiva or Forester size ones being used simply on City/suburban streets I reckon. And double Tolls, … and a City congestion Tax, .and, … :smirk:


There’s about 2 wagons on the market.



But all rego, TAC etc should be based on fuel consumption numbers - and scrap the luxury car tax.

Want a 4 ton ute? Fine. $3k rego.


It’s luducrous considering that you do not need all that space for 1 kid. Prams are more efficient in size now when compacted and bags dont rake up that much room.

I hate the mentality of: Just outgrown a decent four door sedan we had for 2 years. Please… more like I now have an execuse to buy a big ■■■ car like the rest of them to look like I go on off-road adventures when really I sit on my ■■■■ all day.


It’s not about room for stuff when it comes to new parents mate, … it’s about shittin themselves every minute of the day about the baby, … and buying a big car makes them feel their kid is safer, … and in the main, (dependent on the actual car) they are.


Please… they are a hinderance when parking next to you and it’s not statically proven they are safer than recently build 4 cylinder sedans. More like “Gotta look like I have an active life” when I really sit on my ■■■■ all day.


What about electric SUV’s?


Same same.


Oh good. There was me walking around car dealerships with a tape measure like a complete ■■■■■■■■, I could’ve just asked you what I was after.




We had a Fiesta prior to having kids, we upgraded so we could fit 2 dogs (Kelpies) and a car seat in the car. But I also hate soccer mum cars so we got a Mondeo Station Wagon. Serves us fine with 2 kids and 2 dogs.

I had a rental RAV4 when our car was being fixed (someone ran into me) and I hated it. Had the biggest blind spot that I couldn’t even head check.


Mondeos are nice but you’re paying roughly an extra $4k to get the same spec over a similar sized SUV from Hyundai/Kia.

It’s about 15cm higher.

I’ll take the $4k thanks.