Dumb Questions Amnesty

All this car talk.

They should bring back this innovation:

“Invaluable in traffic jams or on Sundays”!


My CX-5 has all of those blind spot indicators, and indicators that shows cars coming from behind on either side.

Am I really under any obligation to treat a worker who moans about being stiff and sore from exercise any differently to someone with a hangover?

Well…don’t do that, then.
Would be my advice.


You are a grumpy old ■■■■, aren’t you? I admire that in a man.


I watch more videos where it’s the other way around. For educational purposes, obviously

It was pretty annoying.
Oooh, I’m so sore. I go to the gym and I run marathons and blah blah blah.

One. Didn’t ask.
Two. Don’t do it if makes you feel crap all the time.
Three. Shut up.


I’ve just been employed. By Google. My job is to keep their search engine ticking over. Big job, but I have a staff of 3 and a hot intern.
I have just been told there is a new fashion called squidgydooze. Yesterday there was nothing in computer-space about this incredible new thing. Our job is to juice up Google search so that tomorrow all you folks will find out how great it is.
So to find out something about it I naturally googled it. Nothing relevant appeared. So here’s my question. How can we possibly find out about something to add to google, if we can’t google it?

Who would ever buy stuff from an apple store.

The experience is bizarre.

Can’t just walk in and browse, have to be stopped at the door and tell them what you’re looking for and then directed to where they are. FFS

A table full of boomers being told how to use the calendar feature on their iPads.

A woman losing her ■■■■ at a millennial with no personal skills about Apple privacy policy. Although he did do his best to pour jet fuel on the conversation. May not be able to melt steel beams, but can melt a Gen Xers mind.

Walk next door to JB and they have same computer for 10% less. No boomers, no millennials, no ‘door ■■■■■’ just buy it and walk out.

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If it makes you feel better, I don’t go to the gym or do marathons.

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@JohnRain Are my PMs not getting through to you?

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Soz, mate. Have been flat out with work (end of the month). I’ll reply over the w/end.

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Which Angels song ends with Doc saying, ‘could somebody turn out the lights, please’?

Edit: never mind.

No it’s not.


You also better ensure when you buy your Toorak Tractor that you can’t drive it for ■■■■.

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Toorak Tractor is so 90’s,

its now Hoppers Crossing Tractor.

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Yeah, but in Hoppers you can only keep your tractor momentarily before it gets nicked.

True that. My mate in Hoppers got his ride on mower nicked.

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Any beekeepers amongst you lot??

Just bought a flow hive and am getting ready to dip my toe into the bee game. Our main reasons are to pollinate our fruit and veggies but also for the obvious reason of honey.

Any tips most welcome.

P.S. - If I find plan B(ee) I will send it to Woosha…


10 dollars says it’s a blitzer.
One you despise.
Car bomb.

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We used to keep a small number of hives. Most difficult thing was finding good spots for them to winter… Tassie winters can be pretty cold.

It’s a lot of work but there’s nothing quite like honey fresh from the hive, we experimented and made creamed honey and honey liqueur. I look forward to hearing how it goes.


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