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Do not know where to put this or even if I am allowed to but can anyone provide me with 4 tickets to the Essendon area at the SCG for the Essendon vs Swans game Round 2 have 4 but need 8

When a player takes a mark and goes out of bounds to take the kick, what happens:

  • if the kick doesn’t make it back in bounds?
  • if he plays on but doesn’t run back in bounds?
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I dont know where the Essendon area is, though i did purchase 2 tickets last night on Ticketek.

You can view all available seats in the stadium, and then choose the ones you want.
You may be able to find 4 additional very close to the 4 you already have.

Out of bounds on both counts…,or should be anyway.

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Depends if the player is from Essendon or Collingwood and how close the game is.


So…saw a comedy skit…
Where a group of indigenous Australians knock on the door of an inner suburban townhouse that has a pro-land rights banner out front and kind of just barge in to live with a late fifties white couple.

And by gosh…that confused me.
I have so, so many questions…
So many…

That was on a comedy show back in the 80s that I forget the name of. Was this a rerun?

If so sounds like the show that Ernie Dingo first appeared in.

Maybe Australia, you’re standing in it?

Pretty sure it was Ernie Dingo and think the show was Fast Forward.

How come it’s so hard to stab a pickled onion when you’re pickled yourself and you’ve got the munchies?

  1. Is “divisive” the most over-used word of recent times?

  2. Is there such a thing as a loose-knit community or are they all close-knit?

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Some Communities like mine have two bowling clubs, two football teams, two tennis, two golf and a few more.

They are competitive but it is divisive. Reason for dual clubs is usually that someone cracked the sads and quit one club and started a new one. Often means both have crap facilities.

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  1. Is “divisive” the most over-used word of recent times?

No, that would be “urgent”.

For mine, it’s ‘ Literally’


Is there a difference between partly sunny and partly cloudy?

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How come we can have kids but ‘zero alcohol’ Heineken at the supermarket, but adults can’t buy alcoholic solo?

Are any kids actually going “ooh, yummy, I’ll choose an alcohol-free beer instead of Fanta”?

Maybe not, but we can’t have kids buying faje cigarettes anymore. Why can we have kids buying fake beer?

Because the wowsers haven’t been alerted to that one yet.

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