Dumb Questions Amnesty

A 5/8th bore corresponds to about 15.87mm , and I suspect that if you micrometered (is that a word, lol!?) the saw arbour with a set of verniers you might find that it’s actually around 15.8mm .

So you’ll probably be fine assuming that 5/8th - 16mm blades are ok. For preference, I’d probably try to find some 16mm ones, but it’d be interesting to see if anyone’s manufacturing tolerances on these things is accurate to three or four thousandths of an inch anyway.

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I find it amusing the wood working industry is all over the place. I saw a video the other day on how tape measures vary so much!

How about Milk of the Poppy?

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Well if you found a bag with $100,000 and a brick of cocaine, then I would make all effort to find the owner.

You a cop?

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if you found a brick, the owner would be finding you chief

Doubt a Cop would look that hard, straight into the Super.

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Kebab/souvlaki / shawarma places.

What do they do overnight with the meat that doesn’t sell but it’s still on the sewer?

Can it be stored and heated/sold next day?

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What sort of shitful kebab joints do you go to?


Sorry, meant skewer…but some of them would be sewer, for sure.

How do players react to being approached by the general public?

I sit on the ‘leave the poor ■■■■ alone’ side of the fence but surely a ‘loving your season, Zachy’ or ‘how povo are StKilda, Gresh?!’ is perfectly acceptable.

I couldn’t imagine a scenario where I’d approach a player…well maybe if like their hat was on fire and they didn’t know, like something in that realm.

Just the thought of it makes me very uncomfortable.

I think it would be different for everyone. No matter which party you are.

How long, do you think, that EVERY stinking time someone’s quote on X is referenced there’s going to be a helpful reminder in parentheses that it was formerly known as Twitter.

I’m just waiting for it to die and then I can call it by its rightful name. Like Prince.

Instead of trying to get Musk to take down offensive and fake news posts on X, why not fine the companies whose ads pop up against those posts? That would hit his revenue from X.
Or a boycott of the companies, which worked against the Trump Breibart social media.

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Here’s my dumb question:

I understand why there are cucumbers in Blitz artwork. But why Godzilla?

I blame Simmo and Scotty for their posts on the Tokyo Olympics.

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Because Godzilla is ■■■■■■■ awesome.

(Cucumbers are not.)



It was blitz gold


Ok all, let’s get your opinion on this one.

Yesterday I picked up some Koko Black choccies for my niece for her upcoming birthday. As well as that, I’ll sling $100 her way.

Her younger bro might get a bit cranky because he got $100 bucks for his birthday last month, but no choccies.

I’ve instructed my niece that she has to share her pressie with her younger bro so that things even out.

Obviously this isn’t a big deal but I wondered if I goofed by telling my niece she has to share her birthday present - I mean, it is her birthday afterall. Am I overthinking this?