Dustin Fletcher fan card to sign

Hi All

I am sending this thankyou card from us fans to Fletcher family later this week so want to give everyone an opportunity to sign. All you need to do is click on below link and sign(can leave comments too). Only takes 20m seconds. Card reads as below. We have close to 1,200 signed up already.

“On behalf of over 61,000 Essendon members and fans we would like to thankyou for giving each one of us 23 years and 400 games of great memories You have displayed amazing skill, devotion, fight, integrity and passion for the Essendon Football Club. It’s been a true honour to have watched you play and we will miss you more than you will ever know. We wish you and your family all the best in your next journey but ask that you don’t be a stranger. We hope to see you working again at the club in some capacity. We don’t call too many people Heroes or Legends but you have somehow achieved both. We sign this more as a card from all of us to say thanks.”

Your EFC Family

Come on - sign it. Takes 20 seconds to thank the guy for 23 years of service.

Or say thanks at the second final next week… he’ll be the one lazing on the grass at the city end of North Port Oval.


Signed last week.

It’s going to take me 20 million seconds? Not sure I can make that kind of commitment.

EDIT: but I did anyway. Thanks Fletch :slight_smile:

Done :slight_smile:

And done :slight_smile:

And Done!

Thanks for the opportunity CJohns…

Yes. Thanks for organising.


Already done, missing you already Fletch

Done! Great stuff Scooter.