Dustin Martin

I hope the person in football apartments who does the strategy, look at the game between West Coast and Richmond ,the way they handled Dustin Martin.They karate chop the extendable arm, so I hope they use the same technique

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Best new poster.



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Nah. 'Poon is better.

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Did we have a Kayla 1 that was taken?


Karate chopping is bad for the game

As is “Chop Sticking” someone … angel

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If Sensei Skipworth isnt coaching wax on wax off at training this week Im going to load him into a cannon and fire him into the sun


I believe the best strategy would be Taser Kayla2.

Ps- ive stayed in a football apartment,could handle the smell of deep heat.

More money wasted by Xavier, our footballs are being kept in apartments, FFS!!!


Cheeky Diggers

There are some posters on here that would have suitable ideas on how to deal with Dustin Martin.

I’d be interested in hearing @efc1robbo 's suggestions !

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I don’t think you can tag him. Get someone to stand about 2 metres off the stoppage near him and just crunch him every time he gets the ball…or just drop him at the first bounce


Just tackle the hips, go low, you’re a chance to get a high fend or at the least stop him exploding away from the contest. I’ll take a rushed kick or handball from him everyday rather than a burst away and delivery.

Grab his fend-off wrist with both hands, and then just drop to the ground like an anchor.

Would put immense strain through a lot of tattoos.


Is it just me or has Dusty not being that great this year?

That said, I’m sure he will pull out a 35 possession 3 goal game for Dreamtime.

Not just you, even the comms have mentioned it in a few games. However, as he has shown, he doesn’t need that many touches to make an impact and pull the heart out of the opposition (after a high fend off).

How many arm chop Dusty do?