Dyson Heppell


I have no idea what works with millennials but he’s always come across as too much of a lad to be captain for my taste. Too laid back chilled “dude where’s my car” style


Not captain material


Not a great captain to be honest. Doesn’t inspire anyone.


Dyson has hit a crossroads of sorts and has a MASSIVE pre season in front of him.

He is too slow to play on the outside

If he is to remain in the midfield he needs to be a contested beast, bulk up and find a mentor

If he’s going to be a playmaker - he needs to go back to half back


Spot on!
He is a HBF. Has the speed of a turtle with the turning circle of the Queen Mary and even his kicks now are loopy and lack penetration. Needs to go back to the HBF and direct play similar to the Hodge role. Is terrible in the midfield


hes a hbf from 5 years ago. too slow for the current game.


Had a disappointing season. Flashes of his former self but very inconsistent. Hopefully this is not his new norm because it is very average.


He’s a B grader in today’s game. Very overrated.


Since we are rolling with 2 Heppell threads I want to be consistent with my previous comments with @Scorpio @conjunctivitus

These farking millennials and y Gens are pussy Kuntz. With there expensive hair extensions, blonde tips and perfect teeth.

Dyson should be ashamed that he wears his hair like that and disrespects the jumper!

What kind of self repsecting father figure and pharmacist would allow such a Buffoon to captain our club with hair like that?

What kind of farking example does he set for Parish. What kind of pot smoking, warm hearted and laid back lazy fkr is parish gonna be now!

Our sponsors such as ISC must be livid anguy with that hair is skipper. How would the players even listen to him seriously knowing that there dads hate his haircut.

Grandad once told me about commies like this pr!CK. Self indulgent basted.

If he respected himself or his family he’d get a haircut. Then the blitz community woukd also rate his captaincy higher as well and we’d all be happy.

Cut your farking hair


Not sure if serious, with a name like Spud2Spud you have to be trolling.


Wait…you’re not a teenager?