The latest update on the Moroccan earthquake has it as over 2000 dead and over 2000 injured.

Not that you would know it from Aus’ major newspapers.

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Not on the scale of the Turkey earthquake deaths, hardly any ethnic Moroccans in Oz. Consistent with absence of reporting on civilian deaths from other causes in Africa and the Middle East, where generations are at risk from ongoing wars and insufficient food.
Fairfax is now reporting on Morocco

About 10,000 or so their Embassy says.

Heartbreaking. Was in Morocco around this time back in 2015. A beautiful country with beautiful people. Thoughts and prayers for all. :pray:


NZ South Island earthquake this morning. 6.2

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Isn’t that every morning?

A 2.2 magnitude at 10km depth occurred at 4.29am Monday with an epicentre near Roxburgh Park in Melbourne’s north, according to Geoscience Australia data. The impact was also felt in Meadow Heights, Craigieburn, Greenvale and near the airport.

It must not have been too bad if I slept through it considering I’m in one of these suburbs.

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it was the big big sound crash landing

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