EFC Mark & Goal of the Decade

Here’s some fun on Christmas Eve.

Check out & vote for the Mark & Goal of the decade.

I voted for Joe’s mark v St Kilda 2016 ( apologies to Aaron Francis & man, we should have beaten the Saints that Sunday afternoon…) & Tippa’s goal V North 2019 ( Hookesy sinking the Hawks a close 2nd )

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I’ve gotta say, some pretty vanilla marks/goals made the cut. Kinda sums up our decade.


Mark (Francis 2018)

Goal (Tippa 2019)

Mark: Daniher 2016

Goal: Tippa 2019

Mark: Francis over Ryder in 2018
Goal: Crameri 2013 vs Freo

Merry Christmas all


Mark: Daniher 2017

Goal: Watson 2013 (ANZAC Day)

There’s a bunch of better or at least equally good goals out there - pretty lazy selection on the Clubs part.
Just did a quick check of the early years, and easily 5 best Goals Dribbled Through, 5 Best Long Bombs, 5 Best Run the Length of the Ground Goals waiting for someone with better video skills to assemble.

I’ll leave you a Christmas pressie of a still - Zach Merrett dribbles one from the boundary, Rd 17? 2014.
Conor is watching it cross the line, after putting Goldsack into the goal post.


Joeys mark in 2016

Best goal had to be Cale Hooker vs Hawthorn to win the game. Walla vs Kangas did as well, but we expect Walla to make magic.

I agree. Tippa is pretty underrepresented there. And they didn’t include what was probably his most skilful goal, which was against FCFC where he had the ball on the HFF brought it along soccer style, avoided them rushing it OOB, kicking through the legs of a FCFC player and eventually getting the goal.

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Have they put up best finals win of the decade?




Imagine a decade of no finals highlights



what do you mean? we got JOEY’s huge mark against sydney then he disappeared for the rest of the game.

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My favourite goal of the decade is the Colyer v Hawks one. They put the hooker one in from the same game but Colyer’s was arguably our best passage of play for the decade. Can’t believe it isn’t in there.


melksham’s vs geelong just before peak essendon are cheats period.


This decade has flown.
I was going to vote for Lloydy’s mark against Melbourne.
Then realised he retired in 2009…

Daniher against the Saints in 2016 wins by a touch over the massive one on the North backline.
Tippa’s against North wins as well.

Glad a goal from Fletch was there nominated. Any goal by him instantly brought the crowd into the game.

We were robbed of what should have been a brilliant player/ career. One of my absolute favourites

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Decade is 2011-2020

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I think the 2013 goal was Ryder? I think Crameri had a shot but it gout spoiled and Ryder gathered, snapped and went shhhhh.

It’s also my favourite goal of the decade and I’m surprised that it’s not in the video, along with Carlisle against West Coast and Zakka against Carlton in 2013.