EFC v Adelaide Rd 1 - 12 days on, match day thread

yep - that sounds good.
He’s 24. Still young, but you know how time just flies and before you know it that’s it. No more Joey running around clunking massive grabs and booting big bags of goals and doing those finger twirls.
Not that we haven’t embraced and enjoyed him with passion so far. But he is so friggin damn exciting, that we also need to take our love for him up a notch as well, and enjoy our moment with Joey in the sun.

ok - I’m getting excited for tonight and Essendon’s future. Go Bombers.


Defensive pressure from Stringer, Green, Begley and Langford. Could be won or lost based on this groups output. We can’t afford fast breaks from our 50 with our backline setup.

Pre and post game

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Begley to kick 4+ goals

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And drive someone into the turf.

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Forward pressure is the buzzword, It shows that our highest tackling forward for 2017 was not even at the club last year. No coincidence, he was also the highest contested possession player on the list below

Forward Tackle Numbers 2017: Benchmark: Smith 4.94

Joey 1.35
Hooker 1.05
Stewart 2.13

Tippa 3.65
Green 3.06
Raz 2.65
Begley 2.0
Stringer 1.81

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It’s 6am here in WA and I’m sniggering aloud on the train at the thought of WOB’s impending Hiroshima-grade attack on Pannell.


Any backline will get torched if you allow rapid rebound out of the forward 50. So it’s not only a combination of defensive pressure but also the quality of your entries and ability to compete in the air. If we’re getting outmark in our F50 it’s goodnight.
Wouldn’t be surprised if Green/Begley get the defensive forward job on Laird as per Shawry on Twitter. With Smith missing I reckon 90% of their rebound will go through him.

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Confirmed facial expression, locked for minimum 25 possessions and resultant Blitz meltdown.


Why didn’t they close the roof?


Question marks continue to be raised over Green and Stewart on here but those tackle numbers show that they have value other than the goals they kick.

dammit doe

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Would be pretty disappointing if we don’t go close to beating an Adelaide side without Walker , Lynch and crouch.

Just letting any fellow Blitzers know that NSW Bombers are gathering tonight to watch the game @ Camelia Grove Hotel ALEXANDRIA

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Parish and Zerrett to rack them up!!

Hope The Langford has a great game.

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I’m just glad to see the back of the preseason overanalysing. Bring on the real season overanalysing!





Who will tag Gibbs ?