EFC v Adelaide Rd 1 - 12 days on, match day thread

Though he didn’t have a great game, I’d keep Begley in.
Brown for Gleeson if ok, otherwise, Dea. Too early to try Ridley I reckon.
Bags for McNiece

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Huge game. Crows will be breathing fire after the GF. If we win (or even manage to get close) it will bode very very well.

Tempted to start McGrath on Betts just so he doesnt cut us up early

Or shift him to Betts if he snags a couple early.

No Tex and a quiet Betts goes a long way to giving us a chance.

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Tom Lynch is the guy you need to stop for them. If Gleeson misses I’d bring in Dea to wear Lynch like a glove

Agree with all except Baguley on Betts.

McGrath starts there or Saad does. Both have excellent records on him.

They will play 4 tall forwards, as you’ve pointed out with Fogarty in for Walker. I think Walker will be named but not play.

But if we lose contested ball and clearances like we just did against the Cats then the Crows will destroy us no matter how we line up down back.


We will win.


Saad on Betts to start.
Ambro on Lynch,
Hurls on Walker
Brown on McGovern
Hartls on Jenkins.

Harts on Jenkins worries me though

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McGrath will play on Betts.


B: Baguley, Hurley, McKenna
HB: Saad, Ambrose, Goddard
C: Zaharakis, Myers, Smith
HF: McDonald-Tipungwuti, Hooker, Green
F: Stewart, Daniher, Stringer
R: Bellchambers, Heppell, Z. Merrett
Int: Parish, McGrath, Begley, Langford

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If Walker plays, McGovern will be a problem.
Brown seems the most likely, but he’s under-cooked at best.
An agile, mobile, aerialist?
He’s just been taken out of the picture for the season :frowning:

It seems absurd to be concerned about the Adelaide fwd line when the ‘constraint’ is our best backman must play forward.

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With Raz, Gleeson and probably Zaharakis all unavailable to play against Adelaide, Essendon is now faced with a real conundrum as to how the team will line up given three fairly quick players are now unavailable. Ambrose isn’t tall and heavy enough to play a key back position. Like yesterday he would be murdered by Jacobs, McGovern, Jenkins and Walker if he plays.

When we were flogged last year by the Crows, Betts kicked one point. McGrath slaughtered him. Would Woosha repeat this again? So, here is my attempt to put our best on the ground against the Crows.

  • If Zaharakis comes up fit, Begley goes out. McKernan comes off the Rookie list for Gleeson and Long for Laverde following long term injuries to those two players. If only Hartley could find his 2016 form as he is tall and heavy, a ready made key position back man.

B McGrath Hurley Mitch Brown
HB Saad Hooker Goddard
C Parish Zerrett Smith
HF Tippa Stewart Stringer
F Green Daniher McKernan
R Belly Myers Heppell
I McKenna Ambrose Begley Dea

He was also our best forward last time we played them.

Walker absolutely carved up Hurley last year till Ambrose moved to him and curtailed his influence. I think regardless we need to play minimum 3 tall defenders, not like late last year where i think from memory we dropped Hartley against the biggest forward line in the comp.


So what do you guys think about moving Hooker back and having Daniher, Stewart and Stringer as key forwards?
I like the idea however i feel that Stew and Stringer are not true key position players.

Walker and Crouch increasingly unlikely to play round 1



Injury updates for Hurley and zaharakis?

i just wanna see if mcgrath can do another job on eddie.

what a great match up.

of course and the win would be nice.

Baguely Hartley Ambrose
Goddard Hurley Saad
McKenna Heppell Zaka
Stringer Daniher Stewart
Walla Hooker Green
TBC Myers Zerrett
Smith McGrath Parish Begley

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I wonder how our backline would go against our forward line. I think we’d easily kick 20 goals.

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