EFC v Adelaide Rd 1 - 12 days on, match day thread


I appreciate that Betts is the best small forward in the last decade or so but if we are trying to turn McGrath into a midfielder we can’t keep losing our nerve and sending him down back to play on a small just because the opposition has a small forward that’s worrying us. If we had goal kicking concerns we won’t be sucked into playing Zach on the HFF. You’ve got to have the balls to put the kid where he’s going to belong if and when he’s ready which he is otherwise he’ll spend a third of the season patching holes down back and slow his development


Gleeson is cactus mate!

Also if Crows playing Tex, Jenkins & McGovern + Lynch we will need 3 talls minimum.

Long could well be an good inclusion though given his versatility.

Has played HFF, wing, HBF. Then again so has Jerrett. Who you’d turn to as depth fill in for pace not sure.


Ambrose will probably be following the Tom Lynch around - ideal matchup.


Tex is out Or at least in doubt.

I havent given up on Gleeson yet. Might just be ankle roll, sore ankle, ankle sore.


We’ve now gone completely down the rabbit hole


Hows Ridley tracking with his injury set back? He’s the best like for like replacement for Gleeson in terms of game play, Dea probably the safe and easy selection.


Saad Ambrose Hurley
McKenna Hooker Goddard


Ok Gleesons gone :frowning: didnt realise had been released about broken talus…


Saad should be a lock on Betts. He has a good record on him


Has Ambrose played on Lynch before?


He has and blanketed him out of game

But now that they have him manning main kpf and Hurley 3rd tall it’s unlikely to occur again


Nah, Saad should get first crack and if he gets off the hook make the change. McGrath is going to be a very important cog in the midfield


I think that’s not a bad side. I might swap around Heppell and McGrath — I think McGrath is capable of going straight into a full time centre bounce player just as he came straight into the senior team last year — and I’d possibly think of a few others before picking Long in the 22; but otherwise it’s hard to put a better team on the field from our list.


Watching on the weekend, I felt that we really missed Fantasia’s pace and defensive pressure in the forward half of the ground to help trap the ball in.

A bit of a left field one but given that we have Saad to provide some rebound out of the back half and Bags can come in to play a lockdown job, perhaps until Fanta gets back, it might be worth throwing Conor Mckenna forward as a dynamic, pressure forward. He’s decent above his head too.

I’m writing the exact kind of thing I’d normally read and dismiss but meh just putting it out there!


You just know that Adelaide will be fired up for this one after their grand final performance. Their coaching staff will play on it. I hope we are just as fired up and hungry to make a point.


Lets make it farken loud.


I agree entirely with that bit I just don’t think they’ll have the guts to do it and risk Betts getting off the chain.


just win Essendon.


Conor spent his first season playing as a forward. Then he moved up the ground . He was very good as a small forward from the start. I dont see any reason why he could not play there , but it was important that he learn how to become a more complete footy player and going down back did it for him.


Worsfold said in the post game press conference that Fantasia is unlikely to play round 1 but they’re not ruling him out yet. Also they’re hoping Brown will be available.