Elections in Europe in 2017


Yep. Cannot abide “the end justifies he means” at all.
Absolute crock.


Not many modern “wars” are legal, and they take different forms at times. Northern Irelanders continue to vote in Sinn Féin candidates who then never sit in Parliament, because they don’t acknowledge its standing .

(That’s one of the reasons the Tories don’t need 326 votes – they need a majority of those in attendance, which doesn’t include Sinn Féin.)


A tweet on behalf of the White House earlier in the week made it clear that terrorist actions against the good people of Iran are ok.


Reality is that all of us have favorites, and there are many who applaud IS.

We can debate it all in terms of morality, but still doesn’t stop the Wars.


Winners always write or rewrite history.


From what I’ve read the DUP are a tad loopy…


It is now a Political War in Ireland, as the IRA have put down their guns. I would argue that with out the violence they would never be where they are now.

We might not like the means, but often they lead to outcomes.



He’s not finished. If Abbott can have a 120 second seizure on camera because he was asked to explain his awful comments on troop deaths and still get elected as PM this guy will have no trouble.


Germany considers same sex marriage on Monday. Implements it by Friday. God our Parliament is an embarrassment.




Not really, lobbyists and big corps hold both parties by the balls.


Pretty much. You own both contestants, you own the game. “What are we doing this term? Fascist arseholes? Cool.”


An interesting read.


Like anyone who sweeps into total power, he needs to be meticulously watched.


Macron started with a 64% approval rating

100 days later 36% and least popular French Prez in history after first 100 days

While today has been busted for spending $40,000 of taxpayers money on makeup for himself in his first 3 months

Sacre bleu!


Cheezuz, … what the hell happened??


He never had much of a support base as himself - shitloads of people only voted for him because his opponent was a white surpremacist loon. Now she’s not an immediate threat any more, they’ve gone back to not liking the guy very much. France is a multiparty country anyway, and has run-off elections. You’d expect him to be less popular cos the vote is split more ways.

Stupd ■■■■ like the makeup thing hasn’t helped either though.


I’m sure.


Not a great result for Fräulein Merkel overnight

Massive rise for the far-right AdF Party who are now the 3rd largest in Parliament

That’s what happens if you invite in millions of asylum shoppers