Elections in Europe in 2017


Yep, Texas seceded from Mexico in 1836, was an independent Nation until 1845 when it joined the Union as the 28th or something like that State.

Texit is not legally possible and the Civil War showed it is difficult to leave the Union, but those Texans have a lot of guns and many consider they are already Texans first. Not sure there is the same passion in California for an exit, though they probably would be better off.


If they left they would all die of thirst.


Nah, they have lots of wine.

And all those wind turbines could power many desal plants.


If the turbines don’t work there is always the politicians.



So… I assume you like the wunderwuzzi. What is it that you like about him? any policies in particular? What do you hope he can achieve for Austria?


Ooohhhh! Look over here quick someone who may have a different opinion! Nice dog whistle.

I see you are continuing to be true to form and are still a tnuc.


It’s ok WP. Right Wing Golden Dawn have 16 seats in the Helenic parliament. That will show them.


IMHO anything that shakes up the EU and puts pressure back onto a bunch of non-elected bureaucrats in Brussels is a good thing. He has spoken out about remaining pro-European, but also how the EU needs to reduce it’s hold over everything and concentrate on the core issues of trade and securing borders.

My Hungarian background sees me hoping that the Austrians can do something about keeping their heritage and ensuring that unbridled immigration doesn’t destroy their country. Maybe they will join the Visegrad nations, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, which are already a PITA to Brussels. It will be interesting to see what happens when Austria take over presidency of the EU council.

He campaigned on tax cuts for smaller and middle income earners to be funded by reducing bureaucracy, dissolving the funding jungle and cutting admin costs, instead of an inheritance and wealth tax that others called for. Anything that reduces government bureaucracy has to be a win for the people.

He also ran on a belief in a “Christian-social” responsibility. Helping the weak in society to lead a life of freedom and personal responsibility on their own. Having social security systems in place in Austria, but also local aid in developing countries. "At the same time, Christian-social solidarity in our society must not be a one-way street: solidarity is also deserved by those who make the welfare state possible with their achievements.”

Plus he has a set of ears on him that Jimmy Hird would be proud of.


So just because you think that is a good thing I am supposed to agree with you?


I don’t think it’s a good thing at all.


So what will it show them then?



Thank you linesman, thank you ball boys.


Damn missing sarcastica font. Get it right, @Riolio


Aha, know I see. It just shows that you are a ■■■■.



Seriously, people should be concerned of the rise of Golden Dawn.


Because Nazis have been directly positive in the past.


If nothing else, you’ve got to admire their subtlety.




There aren’t many Jews left, I understood.

Auschwitz and Birkenau bear testament to that.

So does Caulfield.