Elections in Europe in 2017


The worst thing about this sort of ground swell movement is that the far right take it as vindication of their nihilism.





Bye bye Merkel.


About time, although it seems like she is still trying to negotiate


Far from it yet. There’s not a large enough block of other parties who’d be willing to work together to form government.


It’d be nice to see a Jewish party join a coalition with the new Nazis.


Bad taste joke AN


Thanks for taking the time to reply in detail. Because I live in Europe / Brexit UK I’m following European politics but I tend to be more interested in policies than specific politicians.

My quick thoughts… members of the European parliament are elected and every country has it’s share of non-elected bureaucrats. Good trade and secure borders, generally positive things. Tax cuts, reduced bureaucracy, standard politician promises.

The heritage and unbridled immigration stuff… I think unbridled immigration taken to it’s extreme is a bad idea, however there are natural socio-economic forces that stop truly unbridled immigration from ever happening. Free movement of people has been around in Europe for a long time and while a large number of people have moved seeking a better life, many have stayed just where they were. If he has a specific policy I’m interested to know what it is. If it’s a code word for discrimination against a particular group of migrants then I’m probably against it, but if it’s a genuine attempt at selecting people who will benefit the society and everyone has a fair shot at passing the selection process then I probably won’t have a problem with it. More detail needed.

Another genuine question. Are you more interested in European and US politics than Local politics?

I ask because you’ve posted much more in the US & Europe threads than you have in the Politics thread and didn’t make any posts about the recent QLD election. I also lived in QLD for 15 years so I have some interest but I generally feel out of touch with it all.


Looks like May may be able to keep the Good Friday accords intact by negotiating a soft border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. As the Irish Repubic automatically grants Irish citizenship to those born in the North, the free movement of people should not be at issue.
But there are bigger problems associated with negotiations on UK/EU trade and economic relations, Some of the Brexit appeal was to do away with EU Institutions ruling on trade and trade distorting issues such as EU competition policies . The EU may hold all the cards on that one.


Sorry mate, so many threads to keep track of and so little time on the interwebs!

I am interested in US politics because it shapes the world we live in, I have lived and schooled in the US. I also have family and friends that live in the US. I am interested in European politics because that is my heritage. I have also lived and schooled in Europe, France and Germany, and I see the issues that are happening there as I am in contact with family and friends that live there.

Unfortunately local politics is a joke. What is there to be interested in? We are “led” by an incompetent idiot and on the other side is another incompetent idiot. I don’t see anything changing anytime soon.


And the US and UK have competent leaders ?


Highly admired Russian President Putin wins easily. I’m in shock.


And all those who voted against him (rather than for his appointed substitutes) are currently heading for the gulags on the Siberian express.



I used to see that happen at Labor State conferences all the time.


Russians don’t have much experience with voting, so better do it for them.

and there’s this


Surprised Putin only got 73% of the vote. Getting lazy.


Ironically Trump has helped Putin get elected.

Purely because Putin looks like a genius who can run rings around the old foe America now that the man child is in charge.