Elections in Europe in 2017


Agree with this. Good luck with that though. MSM in America is effectively State-run when it comes to war.


Yes because Obama was pushing for it and wanted Asad, and the other dictators out and free elections democracy in. It showed an utter lack of understanding on how these countries and the Islamic religion works.

He wasn’t worse than Bush and he certainly isn’t worse than Trump though.


The Spain immigration issues are not Syria related. More north and central Africa.


Yes you are correct, sorry we got a little off track there.


No worries. I have been going to Spain every year for the past 15. This frustration with their immigration system has been building and building.


They have issues with high unemployment right? Sort of remember reading something about it. Might have to look a little deeper into that.


At its worst youth unemployment (for those aged 29 and below) was above 50%. Horrible. Luckily the social safety net helped but a lot of folks suffered. There is an entire generation that has put off having kids, still live with their parents, and have no prospects. Any other nation would have erupted in crime and violence.

It’s better now but only after a lot of pain and sacrifice. My brother-in-law for example was unemployed between 36-40 years of age and now has a job that pays him less than what he earned at 35.


Southern Europe is certainly suffering at the moment.


Same wars and conflicts going by different names for centuries.


Actually a similar story in most countries all over the world.

The rich get richer, and middle class is falling downwards.


The one thing I will say for Spain (unlike here in the US, for example) that there isn’t this massive wealth gap. You can be out and about in the best parts of any city and most people ‘look’ to be of the same income standings. You can’t obviously tell who is earning a lot more. People treat each other with equality and there are no pretensions about being better than the next person.


I reckon most of continental Europe is like that.

Different in USA, UK and sadly some of Australia. Though to be fair to us Aussies, picking Carlscum and Collifilth is easy due to their physical and social traits.


French know how to riot


Yes they do.

Hopefully they dont bring back ‘off with their heads’.


Riot or retreat


The US needs that type of stuff - in every major city across the nation. It’s the only way things will change.


That’s a pretty lame statement to make. Riots don’t effect change, they just burn and destroy peoples hard worked for property.

Demonstrations are fine, riots are not.


At least the French have a good respect for OH&S practises, the protesters must have a good union guy.


I’m not advocating for the destruction of stuff, poorly worded, more Occupy Wall St type stuff


That’s why France and the US are still governed by monarchies yeah? Peaceful protest?