Elections in Europe in 2017


This was the most surprising part of that article


School kids handcuffed on mass, forced on their knees. Police pushing the disabled around, dragging ladies along the ground.

If this was Putin the media would be having a field day.

I think this riot has a bit to play out - will he be forced out?


Wim must live a sheltered life or avoids the media at all costs - Sick of reading the exploits of Aussie politicians which have parallels with the Norwegian politicians - And imagine if someone secretly tapes Aussie politicians.


I reckon this is enough to get sacked by most jobs. 3 hours? On the clock? Into the bin.


It’s not actually that surprising when you take into account a massive genocide that wiped out a large chunk of the male population. Women entered the workforce en masse, because they had to. There weren’t enough men to do the jobs.

So not really the greatest story.


So Macron is hiking minimum wage and removing taxes on pensions among other measures.

The French know how to get ■■■■ done. Huge win for the people.


May doesn’t look likely to last long now:


I’m amazed she’s still PM


I agree. She has looked out of her depth for a long time. The only person she looked more competent than was Trump.


and ScoMo.


Theresa may be gone.

For the love of God, please don’t let them give it to Boris the toss.


She’ll go, no confidence motion triggered. What a cluster ■■■■ it is over there.


She was really handed a no win situation, still I don’t feel sorry for her.


She’s been surrounded by a disloyal rabble of her party who don’t give a toss about the destruction of the country.
The bt I don’t understand in the negotiations is why the EU will not allow for a trigger sunset clause in a customs union . It goes against all treaty making practice.


Isn’t the EU just trying to make this as difficult as possible to deter any other countries from trying it on themselves?


Initially i thought they’d take that tack, but in the end they haven’t needed to. Basically the Leave campaign promised everyone that if Brexit happened the UK would get all the bits they liked about the EU with none of the pesky obligations. This obviously self-destructed on day 1 when the EU said ‘so, you want no border controls so that imports can flow freely and so that peace persists in Northern Ireland, but on the other hand you want rigidly controlled borders so you can keep immigrants out, and you see no contradiction in this’, and ever since the EU have basically been sitting around watching in bemusement as the UK keeps on repeatedly punching itself in its collective dangly bits.


It’s not in the EU interests to have a hard Brexit with such serious consequences for the UK economy, one of the big three in Europe. It might suit Putin, but no-one else. There are hints of flexibility, perhaps a review clause. The EU is asking for too much.


It sounds like the ‘Leavers’ want too much, and they aren’t prepared to do any of the work.


I thought the EU were doing as much as could reasonably be expected - in fact even more than that. They agreed to all the UK requests (at least AFAIK with my limited reading of the situation).


I’ll be honest I think it’s incredible that this Conservative government is trying to do something that they have never wanted to do in the first place. Which I guess is the traditional definition/function of a Conservative political party.

I can’t believe all the Farage’s in the UK haven’t been strung up by their neck ties yet, both ‘leave’ and ‘stay’ voters should be filthy at them