Elections in Europe in 2017


The best result would be another referendum. Apparently a long shot, but still a chance.


I would love to see Theresa May declare an “oopsie” and request a mulligan.



General word in the UK now is May should win the vote, due in an hour or so.


I disagree. They’ve been prepared to work with UK, when the EU have every right to make demands of the UK as they correctly hold all the power.


May won


365 days to go…


Barely. Also had less votes than Thatcher when she resigned if I read that correctly.


A win is a win. Especially when everyone thought she was gone.


To hear Jacob Rees-Mogg talk calls to mind the feeling that you’d like to see a lightning bolt come down and strike someone.


The point is that May is clinging to her office out of sheer desperation whilst Thatcher had the self-awareness to see that the jig was up.