Elections in Europe in 2017


Oh ■■■■ no.

Just hire a car and head south to rapid bay or second valley. Same diet if scenery, nice food and drink spots and you don’t have to take the chunder ferry or pay a David King’s punting ransom.

1.5 hours tops from the city.


If only that X was gon give it ya.


…back in the day, absolutely.


Yes, the day.

Before she was deceased.


Ta, dingus. Was thinking of the various ports, Augusta, Pirie, Lincoln, plus Whyalla.

Any of them worth missing? Definitely want to go to Goolwa.

I’ve really only done Mt Gambier, Adelaide and Hills, then through the Clare Valley to Broken Hill.


Port Lincoln and it’s surrounds is excellent.
Whyalla, Pt Pirie and Pt Augusta are dumps.
As Dingus said, the Rapid Bay, Second Valley area on the Fleurieu is fantastic and is a very nice drive down to to Goolwa.


I did not like Whyalla.


Thanks, chaps. Might save some effort.

And those neo-Nazis in Austria? Just to get back on topic.


AN , we are little group have just been to a Nazi extermination centre in Prague then we were in a place called Linz where they killed Jews for fun from about 1490 AD. The comment was made to us that there are only about 60 Jews in Linz out of 70,000 people which seemed like they were patting themselves on the back.

Our comment was that Vienna is not multi-racial which seems to fit with its sad history.


Goes to Europe and complains about seeing only Europeans. “Oh it’s like 1930’s Austria”. Did you go to Vienna in the 1930’s? This is one of your stupidest ever posts Bacchus. Stop playing down what people went through back then in trying to compare it to now. It’s actually insulting.


I can only assume that Bacchus is saying that Austria is very mono-racial compared to other parts of Europe? Plenty of Africans & North Africans in Italy & Spain, plenty of middle Eastern types in Germany, but not so much in Austria & Hungary, which are predominantly white?

That is my interpretation anyway


Yeah that’s my interpretation of it aswell.
Hungary has a far bigger mix of races than Austria from my experience.


Agreed, however, I’d probably add “toxic” to the description.



Might put some lead in your pencil though :grinning:


He never said that at all, that was harsh by you.


Well, it was how I read it too.


Was not complaining about anything, except the weather has been a bit average the past few days and downloads on WatchAFL are very slow.

My comments were just observations from our group and things said to us by locals in Austria comparing 1930s to today.

I am not quite old enough to have been here in 1935, what was it like @Alan_Noonan_10 ?


I was there in 1989, if that helps…and again in 2017.


Vienna is a lovely place, off to Budapest today.


Fair enough. I just think it would be a bit like wondering why there are hardly Europeans in China and Japan. Sorry, probably went a bit OTT, in my response, I could’ve phrased it differently.