Elections in Europe in 2017


Lol. The Tories will be choking on their poached eggs this morning.


Not sure what it says that with everything that is going on, the elections seem to be swinging to the left


Damn…looks like fox-hunting is still going to be illegal. How do the chinless bed-wetters fill in their winters?

As Oscar Wilde said - “the unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable”.


I do have to admit some perplexity, why did May call an election 3 years early when there was no need to, no real pressure? When you consider they had a majority in Parliament, the first time in 18 years, and she has thrown it away, then it is even more perplexing.


Presumably because she inherited the leadership and wanted to be elected with it and the fat, whopping majority that everyone, including Labour people, expected before ramming through a hard Brexit.

Apologies for how painful that might sound.


Maybe people are understanding that voting right wing doesn’t make the brown people go away like they said it would?


Suspect the thinking was also to push the following election a bit further away from the turmoil of the next few years as Brexit kicks in.


May has lost her majority!!

Under mounting pressure to QUIT!

Fkn good onya Corbyn, you ran a great campaign bloke.


That and if they get returned with a majority this time they can say “hey, you guys obviously wanted this, so…” regardless of how bad it gets.



Read a quote “the biggest force in politics is the pendulum” dunno who that belongs to


What it says is, “You can fool enough of the people some of the time, … but soon or late, they wake”


They wake to find a guy in charge who loves terrorist organisations. That would work out well don’t you think?


Actually, they probably wake to ‘no-one in charge’.

And the SNP leader lost his seat!? Edit: former leader, my bad.

Pommy voting patterns are all over the shop.


Not surprising Sal, when was the last time they actually had decent leaders to vote for? Place is worse than Aussie politics atm.


they can no longer make fun of the trump appointment. what a mess


So Corbyn might need to Coal with SNP , who are pushing for scottish independence again, which obviously would effect the numbers (although well down the track of course).

Who, if anyone, will court Sinn Fein, lol?

Also talk that a hung parliament will stall Brexit (which Europe dont want held up) and may even require another brexit vote.


Yes they can. Everyone can.




Brexit should never have been decided on a one-off, optional, 50% majority basis IMO.
It was always too significant, far reaching and risky to be that cavalier.
Major stuff-up by Cameron.